Monday, June 22, 2009

9 Dead and Climbing

Nine dead bodies, found in various locations, have devastated the familys left behind.

The blood-thirsty creature who has single handedly wrought this slaughter remains at large.

Miss Poosey, the Mousinator.

Yes, since I posted the pictures here on the 15th of her first two victims, the Mousinator has dispatched 7 more of the rodent community that has sought to illegally immigrate into our home. Drawn by the promises of easy meals they have come to meet their death from the ultimate killing machine.

The Mousinator

I have found their migration route: under the kitchen range where the eletrical outlet comes thru the wall, a hole tunneled thru the sheetrock to facilitate their illegal activities. Until I pull the range out and fix the hole, the Mousinator will remain on guard in our home!


  1. My wife's cat is too lazy to hunt. You got a good 'un!

  2. Youshould write a short story about this cat! Better yet, do a screen play using your writings as a script!

    I think it would make a good one!

  3. Yea Ms Poosey!! I keep the outside cats underfed so they'll hunt. They know that they'll have a meal each evening and if they get hungry there's always birds, mice, etc. (One tried for an owl once -- once).

  4. Die Mousy die! I did not forget that 'present' you left me in the sugar bowl years ago, had to throw the contents all out! The color, at least, clashed with the white sugar.