Thursday, June 25, 2009


Decided to stop by Survival Acres for a quick shot of depressing news and this is what I got:

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Ok, maybe he is down for maintenence but it is funny that his last post title that I see is titled:

Survival Acres Blog
Blog Monitoring
3 days ago

Now I hear that the Fed's (not sure which branch) are giving Wretha grief.
Are they shutting us down piecemeal?
Are they starting to silence the First Amendment by shutting down the bloggers?

I am sleeping with one eye open tonight!


  1. Damn, still not "back on the air"? Now if'n ya wanna sleep with BOTH eyes open tonight, my stat counter that showed IP addresses has disappeared. Now I don't know when the fedgov boys are droppin' by...

    I also would like to know why Survivalist News never returned from their hiatus.... There's some bad ju ju out there man.....

  2. The disappearing stat counter may be a "" issue. I have had some anomolies that I couldn't explain and are difficult to discribe.

    Yeah, Survivalist News. I have wondered about that also.

  3. Nope, the actual host website for the counter is gone..... I had to put up a new one (with no IP addresses)....

  4. The Survival Acres guy has chosen to drop out. He feels it's useless to even try to inform anyone. I also think he's bitter at the lack of contributions. See his recent comment on another blog here:

  5. Thanks Publius. My mind goes off on all kinds of tangents when folks suddenly "disappear" without warning.....

  6. As far as trying to get the sheeple to change, he is probably correct.

    I don't write so much for the sheeple anymore, it is more like keeping online friends and readers up to date on happenings and thoughts.

  7. Not only has his blog of 1 Jul, I can't access his site at all. What gives? Has he now also decided to cease his business operation?

  8. I just tried accessing his site using the link in my post and was able to get to the storefront. Maybe he was down for maintenance, or who knows what...

    Browsers can be a royal pain sometimes.

  9. Thanks. I was able to get in later and place an order.

  10. I followed John's posts for about 4 years. I thought I had saved many articles, but, it seems, that the links aren't working at all. Can't even go there now, to try to down load them onto a disk...

    He said at one time he might just shut the whole thing down one night without warning...and I suspect he might have.

    Has anyone called his food sales number to ask them if he has intentionally shut down his blog site?

    John was burning out on it all, and you could tell by the tone of some of his last posts.

    Damn, I'm gonna miss Lonewolf's posts.