Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tijuana on the Sky

Today was payday. I waited until 3ohEight got home from school and then headed off to the budding metropolis of Tijuana on the Sky(komish River, or TotS) to buy groceries and some preps.

At the local Big 5 sporting goods store I stocked up on butane fuel for my single burner Amco Model A100 butane stove. The bottles of fuel were $1.99 each so I bought 10 of them. I nearly wiped out the entire shelf.

You see these stoves everywhere, usually without any fuel nearby, so I have been buying some whenever I can. I also bought some Coleman zipper pull thermometers with compass. These will go into the GHB’s and BOB’s for my family.

When we got to the checkout counter the female cashier (cute) proceeded to ask me for my zip code. Of course I gave her the one for TotS as I feel it is no ones business where I live. She was “like totally” astounded that anyone would buy so many gas canisters at one time.

“Are you going camping?”

“No, we're going hunting”

“Oh, I went hunting with my dad once. He woke me up early one morning and asked if I wanted to help cook some eggs. I asked him how he was going to do that and he said he was going to cook them in some water (boil) and then eat them that way. I told him eeewww, I don’t want any of them. I don’t go anymore, it’s too long to go without a shower and blah blah blah.”

It was all I could do not to bleat out “baaaaahhhh”. Holy crap, how is she going to survive come the collapse? Short answer, she won’t. Not unless someone like myself or 3ohEight takes her in and provides for her. She seemed intelligent, perhaps she can learn if she hooks up with the right person or group.

I later told 3ohEight that come the collapse she would probably get raped and then murdered because she probably lived in a urban environment and basically had no clue as to what might be in her future.

Next we got groceries. While hanging out in the meat and cheese aisle I overheard an older gentleman complaining about some renters. “If you rent to one of them, before you know it their whole damn family is there.” He was talking about the burgeoning Mexican population in TotS.

It is a problem. Many have no insurance, yet drive. We recently had a gang killing in a town near me.
Brown Pride Soldiers.
A Mexican gang.
Affiliated with MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha MS-13)
Google it.

I am not anti Mexican. There are some really great people that I work with that are hard workers. They are here legally. I am anti ILLEGAL immigrant.

We stopped by the local Jack-In-The-Box for lunch and were treated to our own version of TotS while there. 3/5th of the customers were Hispanic. 4/5ths of the staff were Hispanic. While we were eating we were treated to the banter of the staff.

In Spanish.

And singing.

I am glad they are happy.

They should be. They have the job that my 19 year old can’t get because they have it. I don’t know the hiring policies of Jack-In-The-Box, I just know that a lot of US citizens need work and I see an awful lot of non-English speakers filling positions that US citizens could be filling. My 19 year old for example.

Ok, enough of my ranting about ILLEGALS.

I got preps, do you?


  1. I think you and i have the same feelings on Illegals. As far as most workers being mexican is probaly because most of todays youths are to good to work at Mcdonalds or Jack-in-the-box. A since of entitlement in alot of american youth is adding to this problem. A days work for a days pay is a fading thing by alot of americans. Like it or not European style america here we come. If i had my way i would shut down the borders toady and send back the illegals. Fine any company that hires them. Turn this country into something the rest of the world world be envious of. One world government/banking will bring this country down if left at its current pace.

  2. Nathan's got the answer there, but the gubberment would never deport their future liberal voters...

    Oh, and you think it's bad up there, c'mon down here to south Texas! No habla Englais Senor....
    Well, I no sprakenzie Spanglish needer.....

  3. heheh..this summer ..I happened on down to the Little General convience store and there had to be between 20-30 of those guys in the parking lot..they were scaring off customers I know because the gas pumps (usally very busy) were not being used at all..a few of them were in the store going up and down the isles looking but not I entered the store one of the girls was looking at the other girl..lawd help me but I couldnt stop myself from asking (quite loudy) to the 1st girl.."when did Taco Bell buy this place?"..anyhow..just a matter of minutes and I had paid for what I wanted and was heading out the door to my truck when 3 city cop cars were pulling in..shoulda stayed and watched.but I went on home

  4. I agree with your assesment that only LEGAL immigrants should have the ability to work and receive services. People who break the law should not and its our fault that we allow this to happen.

    Illegals come here to better their lives - make it illegal for the business owner to hire them - and illegal immigration will become much less a problem. I wonder why our Congresscritters won't take this step - way less expensive then a fence, and can be implemented RIGHT NOW, zero shovel ready time.

    I will comment that the only reason why JITB / Mickey Ds will hire illegals is that illegals will do ANY JOB - many Americans refuse, as thinking its beneath their dignity. Rubbish - it pays the bills, its good money. SOMEBODY has to dig the ditches. SOMEBODY has to do the dirty jobs.

    That cashier you mentioned in beginning will get a rude awakening - but I think she will change her tune, IF she wises up quickly. If not - she will become food for the land sharks, no doubt about that.

  5. I agree 100%. however, my beef with illegals is actually affirmative action. Everyone is quick to point out that these guys do jobs that Americans don't want to do. Fine, let's say that's true, but then they have children who ARE born here and therefore are US citizens. These children attend the same schools as my kid, but when they both apply for college, and later jobs, the minority kid gets +1 points thanks to affirmative action.

  6. Anon 3:14, I will give you that one. If people want equality, then Affirmative Action has to stop and let everyone compete on a equal basis. Affirmative Action may have been necessary for a while, but I think its done it job - time to go.

    As far as getting into school, kids need to take the long way around sometimes. My cousin's kids were basically locked out of the school, but then they took another look and noticed they could get some scholarships if they were involved in 4H (which they were into heavily in HS) - they got in that way.