Thursday, September 24, 2009

U.N. 'doesn't smell of sulfur anymore,' says Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, speaking at the United Nations Thursday, said, "It doesn't smell like sulfur anymore."
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez spoke highly of President Obama at the United Nations on Thursday.
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Now it smells of bull shit and decay, a terminal rot reeking of deceit and tyranny.
Down with the UN and all who support their totalitarian world view!
Chavez you freakin monkey...


  1. Like groucho Marx said, " I wouldn't belong to a club that would have me as a member." That goes for the U. N. also. What a waste of tax payers money. Seal the borders now, and only let in the best of the best from here on out. Eventually it will benifit the counrty. Our prez and washington DC is driving the counrty off of a cliff.

  2. What is really bad is that we provide 22% of the UN's budget for them to bash the US every chance they get. Throw 'em out of the US and let Brussels host this pot of shit.

  3. Hugo Chavez is an ass-hat. 'Fair Election' my eye. I hope a nest of fire ants finds a home in his colon.

  4. I'd love to stake Chavez's ass down over a fire ant mound....

    Of course he likes Obammy, they're birds of a socialist feather! I wish someone would cap that little pipsqueak Chavez, I'm sick of looking at his goofy mug! And surely sick of listening to him babble....

  5. Chavez...what can one say? There is something seriously wrong with the man!

  6. Don't stop with Chavez, look at our boy pitching a tent, talk about cracked. Then comes Iran,we need to just arrest the little nut case while he's here. As far as hurricane Hugo, and many many more, they should not even be allowed in the country except on the way passing thru to GITMO.

  7. Sorry about being off subject but have you considered publishing you story/ storys on Lulu. You can do it free & maybe make a buck.