Monday, August 16, 2010

Dual Survival

Over the weekend I caught up on all the posted episodes of "Dual Survival". If you are not familiar with this program, it is on the Discovery channel and stars Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury.

Normally I do not like reality TV shows but since this one is survival oriented (and I like Dave Canterbury) I am following it. Since I don't get the discovery channel with basic cable I watch the episodes as they are posted on DualSurvival's youtube channel.

So check it out if you get the Discovery channel on cable, or watch it on the net at your own convenience. There is another series posted on the youtube channel. It is called "Man, Woman, Wild". I have only watched one episode of it, but was not overly impressed. The theme is an ex special forces type takes his wife out to teach her real life survival. He seems to be an American and she is British. Some may find it interesting but it didn't appeal to me.

Update: It appears the youtube channel mentioned above has had it's account suspended.


  1. I truly like Dual Survival because it touches on so many different aspects of true survival situations! I also like the fact that many times they approach the different problems form different stand points!

    Lots of very usable information!

  2. I like this one, as well as Man Woman Survival. Both shows offer great information - check that one out as well.

  3. ...not bad for televised entertainment,pick up a tip or two...

    ...also,'top shot' although it's set up to allow mediocrity to prevail cuz of the "voting out" aspect...

    ...remember,"televised" entertainment only,sorry to ramble...

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  5. Sorry anonymous 7:13 PM. If you want to advertise on my blog, follow the proper channels.

    Hey everyone, thanks for the comments. I don't watch too much regular TV so I look for interesting content on youtube.

  6. I agree about Dual Survival. These guys are the real deal. Very entertaining AND educational.

    With the number of TV shows related to survival - it's pretty obvious that survival & preparedness are going morre mainstream.

    Take care all -

  7. What they need to do next is a "prepper" show. Take a prepper family and simulate TEOTWAWKI and see how they cope and what doesn't work.