Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lowlife Scumbags and other Hap'nins

Because of the scum sucking low life bottom feeder suing bloggers for alleged copyright infringement, I have gone through all of my posts from the beginning to now and removed a few while editing many.

I will not allow those lowlifes to feed off of my blog so I made the changes. Most of the links still work to the original posted articles so if you are so inclined, you can still read what the post is about.

Neo is in school and doing very well. He has received several awards and his English teacher wants to use some of his essays as examples to other students (good examples). I am proud of his achievements as is he! Bravo!
The other good news is that he may have a part time job that could turn into a full time if we are lucky.

3OhEight and his friends have been filming a series and have a channel on youtube.
MrBullet308's Channel

It's on everyone's favorite topic, Zombies! It starts out a little rough but they are improving with each filming. Episode 2 even has yours truly providing the voice of a radio announcer with an emergency broadcast. Check it out if you want a laugh!

I am working on the next chapter of The Cache interspersed with reading other blogs and some paperback books that are in my collection. I am currently reading P.J. Farmer's The Stone God Awakens. I have read some H.P. Lovecraft, Asimov, and will be reading some R.E. Howard next. Feeding my creative engine as it were.

I am also working on several posts concurrently and have had a request to provide wiring information on my homemade power plant. As soon as the weather cooperates enough I will drag it out and see what I can draw up.

One of the most popular posts on my blog seems to be the one on my Model 60 survival rifle. It's getting hits from all over the world!

Here's what I am currently listening to and enjoying immensely. Ignore the video and listen to the music. This lady (Beverley Staunton) has an awesome voice, and the song...

Lust ~ Balligomingo - Beneath The Surface


  1. I read today that the first 500 words are fair game, so long as linkage/credit to source is provided. This must be true, as sites like Drudge and Infowars regularly post stuff from other sources. I think they're going after folks who post articles in their entirety, without providing credit to the source...

  2. Now I too wish to read about your model 60...what date?

  3. Hi Mayberry! Since it is not clear to me what is allowable at this point I don't feel it is worth the risk, however small. I have plans for my money and they don't entail legal problems.

    Stephen, I put a link in this post to the one on the Model 60. It was originally posted June 2, 2008.