Friday, February 25, 2011

The Great Debate

 To those who claim they will choose to stand "The Moral High Ground" in the impending conflict;

Consider the moral character of your enemy before deciding on how you will confront them. By declaring where you will not "go" ahead of the conflict, you may very well give them the means to defeat you! Because they have up to this point not known what the response will be, they may well have delayed their planned courses of action.

When the Israelites conquered Canaan, they were commanded by God to destroy their enemies completely.
You know what happened to them after that for not doing so.

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  1. Well, we'll just have to wait and see I reckon. All I know is I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do, and if they got a problem with that, they already know where I live...

  2. Mayberry, waiting is all we can do at this point without being crushed like a bug by overwhelming force.

  3. 56 years ago I used to box at my local Boys Club. I was an average kid and a so-so boxer. But I had a strong core and could take a punch in the stomach or ribs as long as I was tightened up. So I would hold my hands a little too high protecting my face/head. The competition loved it and would go for my body and always leave themselves unprotected. A roundhouse to the temple put them down for the count every time. I say all this because I was going to say that "the moral high ground" in a fight belongs in the ring under marquis de queensbury rules. Then I realized it doe not necessarily even apply then. You always have to trick them, confuse them, distract them, to provide them with a believeable scenario or they just might guess your real strategy. There is no substitute for winning no matter what it takes.

  4. The "moral" high ground usually is defined by the person or side who has just finished killing the enemy.

    While I don't think might makes right, that is the reality in which we find ourselves.

    Good observations, Selous Scout.



  5. Sorry Pal... To Win... You have to put FEAR into your opponent. So that THEY will NEVER wish to fight you again. The Question is how do you SCARE an opponent that you KNOW will kill ALL opposition (old men,old women,men,women,teens,children,babies,livestock and pets). The answer,of course,is to set them against each other.