Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Selous's Gear - Stoves

Here is a collection of some of my cooking stoves.

From left to right are:
US Army style canteen cup stove
Swiss Volcano stove
Sterno Stove (my first camp stove)
Behind the Sterno stove is an Amco Butane stove.
The black unit to the right is a Collapsible Wood Stove.
To the front is an Esbit fuel stove.
Behind the black stove is a Coleman Gas single burner stove/heater.
The last item on the right is a Swiss Army Trangia alcohol cookset.

Update: Actually that is a Swedish Army Trangia cookset.


  1. where's your kelly kettle?

  2. I would be happy to add one, but they are a bit on the expensive side compared to any of the stoves pictured. Got one you would like to donate?

  3. Love those Trangias, simplicity personified. Not a high heat output stove, but gets the job done.

  4. I like the sterno for a BoB , have used it quite a bit and is great for what it is . The Esbit is only good for 2 things ,....Jack and shit ... , I take it back , its good for holding a deck of cards so they dont blow away , your better off with 3 rocks and a piece of foil to burn the tablets on .

  5. nice collection, scout. but when the SHTF you'll run out of fuel sooner or L8tr. what about wood burning?



    tom from canada