Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Year Supply of Food Storage Under $300

Over at SciFiChick's blog, Bacon and Eggs, she has a really great post called "One Year Supply of Food Storage Under $300".

It is a recipe for making "Scotch Broth", a mix of  grains and beans that you can make a soup from. Follow the link "Scotch Broth", for the original postings about it at Christian Viewpoint forum.

If you need products for storing it in, check out Sorbent Systems for Oxygen absorbers, Mylar bags and other related items.

I ran across another interesting site called Self Nutrition Data. I have added it to my sidebar links under Food, Preservation and Storage. You can also print out your own nutritional content labels for recipes that you enter yourself!



  1. Scout I have been adding a large spoon full of chia seeds to my morning oatmeal.For 2 weeks now. I have seen a marked increase in energy.Picked up 5lbs of seeds. Hasn't even put a dent in it. A small amount mixed in is almost tasteless,a large amount adds unique flavor I actually like.Not big fan of oatmeal anyway. One morning in hurry with no time to eat I put lg spoonfull in a glass added about 4-5 oz hot water,let sit 10 mins drunk mixture.Worth adding to preps in my opinion.Thanks for tip!


  2. China, glad to hear you are having good results with the seeds! Thanks for keeping me informed on your test.

  3. WoW. $300 dollars?! I wonder how many calories that adds up to. I've been looking at prices and packages and I really like the freeze dried method. Check out www.year-supply.com for some good deals on Wise food products. About twice as much money- but it will last 25years and taste good. Cause if you (or your kids) won't eat the food, then what's the point?

  4. Using the information at the nutrition site shows that 1 cup of garbanzo beans has if I remember correctly, 630 calories by itself. Depending on what someone might add to the recipe in the way of meats or additional vegetables, I suspect the calorie content could be quite high, especially if animal fats or some olive oil were added to boost the flavor.
    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  5. One year supply for under 300 dollars was a very insightful post. I recently befriended someone that is a Shelf reliance consultant. I had never heard of the company or even the concept but she gave me a shelf reliance coupon. I might not be under 300 dollars but I'm pretty close. Thanks again or sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing Jim. I will check them out.