Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Selous's Gear: Nuclear Detection and Protection

With the disaster unfolding in Japan getting worse every hour, I have decided to break out my nuke gear and power it all up.

We might start dosing with the KI today, depending on the situation in Japan. If you have no KI (Potassium Iodide) or KIO3 (Potassium Iodate), you should seriously consider getting some now. Survival Unlimited has the best price I found ($8.99) while looking around on the net so I ordered 6 bottles. Better order now before it is gone! I have no affiliation with this site. If you need dosimeters and a survey meter, KI4U, Inc. is a good choice as they are a calibration service provider. They are however as of this posting not accepting new orders until they get caught up on the deluge of orders they have received! If you can't wait, do a web search and you will find someone else who may provide this service much cheaper and faster.

 Pictured from left to right:
1. Radiation Safety In Shelters, a FEMA publication
2. Survey Meter manual
3. Dosimeter manual

In Back:
4. Rad Blocker KI (Potassium Iodide) 2 bottles
5. Cressen Kearny Fallout Meter
6. CDV-715 Radiation Survey Meter
7. A package of Dosimeters
8. CD V-750 Dosimeter Charger

All of this can be purchased for $500 at Survival Unlimited. Their's is the best price I saw for the complete kit.

If you are allergic to shellfish or have Gout, consult your doctor before using KI or KIO3, as with any new medication.

Important Links:
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I hope you will not need this stuff, but we could be running out of luck.


  1. It is probable that if the worst possible outcome were to happen in Japan that there would never be any legitimate reason for any American to take poatasium iodide tablets. The risk and problems are being blown out of proportion to the facts. Now it could get bad for those living within a few miles or even tens of miles from these plants but even there that would require the worst possible scenario for these nuclear power plants. I predict more people will die from taking potassium iodide in the U.S then from radiation.

    That said this kit would make sense in the event of a nuclear war. But I'm not rich and $500 is a lot of money. If TSHTF $500 worth of food is going to make me so much happier then $500 worth of geiger counter will.

  2. I am still investigating and have not yet determined it necessary to take the KI. Reading some of the "so called" news reports shows much sensationalizing by the Media, to what end I am not sure.

    I purchased my kit over time and it was cheaper when I bought it. The kits will not get any cheaper with the devaluation of the dollar. At a minimum, I would buy the dosimeters and the KIO3 (safer than KI) if I couldn't afford more. I too would rather spend money on food, but I have been practicing the Survival/Prepper lifestyle for over 35 years and so have accumulated much of my equipment over that time-span.

    Those who are new to this lifestyle may feel overwhelmed by all the choices that must be made, but if you cover the basics; Food, Shelter, Water, Fire, you will be prepared for 80% of all situations. It is only those requiring specialized equipment that really seem hard to prep for.