Monday, April 18, 2011


The blogosphere has been rockin and a rollin with the world-wide unrest forming everywhere but the US. Some sheeple are waking up but the majority slumbers on, steeped in their own stupidity. Come crash time, good riddance! They will only show some backbone when they personally are affected. When it is too late.

Welcome to FEMA Camp “SUCKA”!

Some a-hole made the statement to me that he wasn't going to worry about what was going on because he couldn't make a difference. Most certainly not with that attitude, assjack! I have to laugh at him though. Both he and his wife are on the go all the time, and are teaching their daughter the same values of go go go. Last year he bought a half ton extended cab chevy 4x4 PU. 6 months later his wife wanted a new rig. Her Subaru “just” didn’t have enough room and so she wanted a new rig, a Dodge Dakota to be exact, a crew cab 4x4. She bought it, trading in her “paid for” Subaru on it. Now they both face Gi-normous monthly fuel costs because of their choices. What a bunch of Sheeple!

It is snowing this morning as I sit and write this on my break. So much for Gorebal warming! Anyone who still believes in that drivel deserves to be sold a bridge in the Sahara desert.

I have been working on a layout for my garden this year using the sq. foot gardening method. If it ever warms up and dries out a bit that is. The soil is too cold and wet to expect anything but rotten seeds if anything is planted yet.

Buy seeds. Buy Heirloom seeds to save in your freezer or refrigerator and buy the hybrid to practice your gardening skills. Save those heirlooms for when you have a green thumb rather than a brown one. Buy new seeds every year. Better seeds than gold or silver. Buy the materials to build a greenhouse, even just a small one like this one:

Westside Gardener Hoophouse

Greenhouse Plastic

If worse comes to worst, you can live in the dang thing while starting your guerilla garden. An expedient shelter to be considered is one of the portable garages that are available from Sportsman’s Guide. They will set you back a couple of hundred dollars but are sized 10’x20’ and have walls.

Shelterlogic™ 10 x 20' Instant Garage / Shelter.

$229.97, club price $206.97.

Here are some good links for you.

Safely Gathered In

Honeyville Farms

The Internet Grocer

Wise Foods

Cope’s Distributing

Grandpappy’s How to Survive Hard Times

Be prepared.
Be safe.


  1. I'm liking that portable garage!

  2. Yeah. Take it anywhere and set it up. Nearly instant shelter for family and gear. Throw some camo netting over it and it becomes unseen from the air! They are a bit heavy for 1 person to wrassle around though. (I have one, unopened)

  3. Your instant shelter/escape vehicle
    may be an old van with food for months in 5 gal buckets with a sheet of plywood and foam mattress on top.
    Or buy a junk yard van without motor, transmission and drive shaft, rig it with tow bar, and register as a trailer.
    It is best if your tow vehicle and van have same wheels.