Thursday, September 1, 2011

Uncle Big Sis Comes to Visit

A couple of weeks ago Uncle Big Sis stopped by for a visit. I noticed it when I examined my stats counter.

It seems SHe/IT was interested in my post on the Survival Bible and Chapter 14 of The Cache.

Why only those 2 posts?

Quick, vigilant readers! What is the connection?

That's right!

Both posts mention DHS. It seems they are scouring the web to see what their popularity rating is, so that they can improve their image with the white, middle aged, middle income clingers to of Bible, Religion and Guns!

And if SHe/IT can make the disaffected veterans of unjust wars returning to our soil feel warm and fuzzy, so much the better!

I have only one question! (no really, just one)

Does this mean I am now (in)Famous?


  1. Be afraid, be very afraid. You don't use rosewood or othercontrolled substances in your business do you? How about a tax audit? Watch your back.

  2. Ooooohhhhh.... I suddenly feel the need to do a DHS post, complete with that picture I found of Big Sis's face on a horse's posterior...

  3. Hah Craig, Doooeet!
    I remember seeing that pic you are referencing!

    Anonymous, I have no illegally harvested hardwood (idiocy!). Let them audit me. I don't make enough to be able to hide any. .308's got my back, and I his!

  4. Uumm,I would say infamous!You are probably on that special list of bloggers who will be rounded up as anti DHS-Obamaerr enemies. Que Serra serra.Buy more ammo.


  5. not only rosewood, but if you have an illicit lemon tree in your back yard, they will make you take it down. This actually happened.

    Also look what they are doing to those living in the desert in remote locations. LA country has a so called "nusiance abatement team" and they are confiscating everything. These people are not bothering anyone and own the land. This has happened numerous times. They claim neighbors complained about their site. But these people have no neighbors for miles.