Monday, September 26, 2011

Complete Randomness

My mind has gone on vacation.


Fall has moved in today, with a vegeance! The wind is blowing and a thunderstorm is roaming about in the mountains nearby. It is cold today. yesterday I roamed about the house in a pair of shorts and my slippers, no shirt required. Today, it is raining, the temperature requiring a shirt and soon a pair of jeans. It seems as though the seasons have shifted by about two weeks.

The wind is battering the maples in my yard, as if in practice for the powerful winds of late Fall and Winter. The leaves are not quite ready to give up their purchase upon the tree limbs, and so the struggle seems more animated than usual.

Attempting to stand as an individual quickly earns one the swift knocks intended to beat you back into the mold of the submissive serf - Selous Scout

A quote from somewhere:
Turkey wants Israel to apologize for killing 9 of its thugs.
Whats good for one is good for all.
Turkey must apologize for the:
2 million (some historians put that number to 2.75 million) butchered Armenians,
1 million butchered Albanians,
759,000 butchered Greeks,
500,000 butchered Hungarians,
750,000 butchered Assyrians,
1 250,000 butchered Eastern Europeans,
40,000 butchered Kurds,
30,000 butchered Cypriots...
As a former Turkish Prime Minister Erbakan said: "The whole of Europe will be Muslim. We take Rome.

To answer a question from "Smack", about how I finally fastened my bipod to my Marlin Model 60:
"How did you get the bipod mounted? I have an ATG bipod with the same ATI stock you have but the swivel studs that came on the stock are way smaller than the one for the bipod. Did you just drill and tap a bigger hole?"
Here is a photo.

Just 2 black nylon wire ties cinched down real tight!
Low tech, but works well. Easy to carry a few spares as they take up no space and weigh next to nothing.

When the last christian leaves california, I hope it falls off the map.

Received this from my friend Vlad Strelok (
Government Officials Fleeing DC Link Rats Off A Sinking Ship, This Could Be The Big One
Take it for what it's worth.
Made a readiness check lately? This makes a good excuse.

Bill Drake, author of The Cultivator’s Handbook of Natural Tobacco and the “Cultural Dimensions”  series has made available for free a new ebook that he has written titled "Post-Apocalyptic Personal and Family Security". the  ebook can be found at Ranger Man's site, SHTFblog.

The strange thing is that he sent me the same document, only with the title "Personal & Family Security In Chaotic Times". Oh well, the content is the same so go get it at Ranger Man's site and tell him Selous sent ya'. (if you want to, that is).


  1. Shoe Goo and Plumbing Goo hold front sights on. It mgiht hold your bipod base on.

    What size groups at 25 yards with Aguila SSS 60gr 22LR subsonic?

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  3. Here is a direct link to Stevens 87b
    semiauto rifle with bolt lock.

  4. Hi Vlad. I have not shot any sub-sonic in my rifle yet. I only have a small amount on hand and my ammo budget is -$0.00 right now.

    I like the Stevens 87b, if I run across one it might take up residence in my closet.