Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swift Justice

Pennsylvania man, 65, fatally shoots teen who pushed him off bicycle

Published January 26, 2012
| NewsCore
A 65-year-old man shot one teenager dead and wounded another after they pushed him off his bicycle and tried to rob him in Pennsylvania, police said.
The man was cycling on a trail in Reading, Pa., shortly before 11:00 am local time Wednesday morning, when a group of teens pushed him off the bicycle and two of them assaulted him, investigators said.
The 65 year old then took out a handgun and shot them both, the Reading Eagle reported.
One of the teens -- a 16 year old from Reading -- was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:17 p.m. local time.
The second teenager was taken to the hospital but his condition was unknown, according to the newspaper.
Cops arrested a third boy at the scene and took him in for questioning. The 15 year old was later taken to a county youth center in nearby Bern Township where he was held on unspecified charges.
Police decided to release the 65 year old and charge the juvenile after consulting with District Attorney John Adams, who attended the scene with forensic detectives, the Reading Eagle reported.
Authorities did not release his name or the names of the teenagers.

It's about time someone gave the lawless little bastards something to think about. Perhaps those who hear about this will give pause and consider the consequences the next time this type of behavior is contemplated.

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Well, do you?


  1. It is also about time to congratulate
    the Reading police and DA Adams. In our legal system there is a dire shortage of the common sense that they showed here.

  2. Seems the tide may be turning a bit in our favor. I've seen several stories like this lately, which not too long ago would have read "A 65 year old man was arrested today for shooting two teenagers"...

  3. I was sure glad to read this story. Seems like the common sense that has been missing for so long in many LEOs is slowly making a comeback!

  4. Scout,I hate thieves period! But I REALLY hate anyone who hurts older folks and little kids. Yep it is about time our legal system starts siding with citizens who won't be Victims!


  5. The man was riding his bicycle about 11 a.m. on the Thun Trail near the Bertolet Fishing Dock in West Reading when the boys knocked him off his bicycle and pinned him against a fence in an apparent robbery attempt, police said.

    Two of the boys were assaulting the man when he pulled a handgun and shot them, police said.

    Berks County District Attorney John Adams said Thursday that the teens are accused of robbing two other men prior to the robbery attempt on the 65-year-old man.

    Julias Johnson, a 16-year-old on probation, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other boy, a 15-year-old whose name was not released, was taken to Reading Hospital with a single gunshot wound to his neck and is expected to survive.

    Police said they took the third teen, Michael Gonzalez, 16, and the victim to the Cumru Township police station for questioning. They consulted Adams, released the victim and sent Gonzalez to the Youth Detention Center.

    Adams said he does not condone violence but said the man had no choice but to defend himself against the teens.

    Adams said the victim did not provoke the attack, could not get away and feared for his life. He added that he will not be pressing charges against the man who shot the teens.

    The teens are accused of robbing two other men earlier that day.

    The boys had skipped school that day, Adams said. Probation officers placed an electronic monitoring device on Johnson's ankle after visiting him earlier Wednesday.

    For missing school, Johnson was supposed to report to the probation office Wednesday afternoon, Adams said. Johnson was on probation for prior "criminal activity."

    The injured teen and Gonzalez attended Governor Mifflin School District. Johnson attended the Reading School District.

  6. Thank you Sharon, for the update. And thanks to all of you, for sharing you thoughts.

  7. Thou shalt not kill !!

  8. A more literal translation is "Thou Shalt Not Murder".