Monday, January 23, 2012


I like snow.

In the mountains and higher hills, not in my yard.

Driving to work was a real challenge this last week with the snow coming down heavily. I couldn't hardly see the road in the dark, just driving by braille. Fortunately, traffic was real light. I don't think I got over 35 the whole drive. The Seattle area was hit with an Ice Storm, but we just got snow! And wind to go with it!

Luckily, my BOV had no problems other than the doors being frozen shut along with the locks and the ice that had formed under the layer of snow. I got in thru the passenger door and was able to progress from there.

I bought my BOV on the last Saturday of 2011.
It's an 1988 XJ Limited (Cherokee)
4.0 L inline 6
AW4 Trans with NP-231 transfercase
Dana 30 front, Dana 35 rear
33x12.50x15 tire/wheels
6" Lift
Leather Seats

I have wanted a Cherokee for the longest time and I am damn glad I bought it when I did! Otherwise I might have been snowbound again. It also fits my vision of a BOV for several reasons. Parts are everywhere, online technical help is just keystrokes away (Jeep and 4x4 Forums), Dependable long life engine, and aftermarket parts galore.

I looked at everything available and saw some pretty good deals, but they were more than I could spend or were unfamiliar tech (Diesels). I am happy with my choice. It needs a little TLC here and there, but nothing that overwhelms me technically. All in all, its in pretty good shape for it's age.

I envision a 3 vehicle convoy in my situation: Point/Scout, Command/Cargo/Recovery, Rear Guard. The Point/Scout could be filled by the Cherokee as it is nimble enough to range out ahead of the other two vehicles while carrying a fair amount of cargo. Or as the Command/Cargo/Recovery rig with a bumper mounted winch, with various comm gear (CB/Ham), towing a cargo trailor, or as the Rear Guard, with the ability to take essential supplies and personel from the first two vehicles and escape a bad situation. Since there are 3 of us, why not?

Now if I could keep my Nissan D21 running, I would be well on the way to my goal. The Samurai is still available, but it would be a money pit at this point. Still, it is an option. I hate sinking money into vehicles but it is a prep that is needed anyway, as there needs to be 3 drivers with reliable vehicles in my family.


  1. My uncle had one of those - except for the tendency of the rear seat users of snagging their feet getting in the footwell, it was a helluva vehicle. Very nimble vehicle - nice buy!

  2. Very nice! Practical, too!

    Looks like a good score to me!

  3. ...bummer,i was hoping for one of the broncos...since i rolled my '96 i've been steady looking for a replacement/parts truck since everything else but the sheet metal is still topnotch...all i've seen are way over priced, at least the ones that i'm realistically able to aquire...anyway,good looking truck ya got there,keep us posted

  4. Awesome. I just bought a 96 XJ two weeks ago. getting it ready as a BOV. great choice.

  5. Sweet! I miss my '92 Cherokee 4.0/5 speed manual. Great vehicle...

  6. Anonymous 5:26 AM:
    That is pretty tight space for ones feet. You can only hope someone short sits in front and moves the seat.

    Thanks Hermit Jim, I hope that my investment was a good one. It has proved useful in getting to work so far.

    Hey Ken, I almost bought the Bronco, but I was afraid that the lift was too much for my short stature to be using all the time. I might still get one.

    Hi Goalie098, I have wanted one for ages, now I have one to Bring up too snuff.
    May I recommend that you read or join the Jeep related forums under my B.O.V. sidebar. I have learned so much already from them.

    Hey Craig, I like mine and have only had it 3weeks. Don't plan on selling it either.


    V-bar chains go on ice, mud and snow when others cannot move.
    When you are stuck, good samaritans stop to help you. Predators stop to help themselves.

  8. sweet ride. got a '98 XJ myself. the wife would only stand for a 2" lift and 31" MTs since it's her daily driver. ah well, some is better than none, eh? got aussie lockers to put in yet, front and rear. that should get us outta dodge.
    keep up the good work, scout.
    got another chapter coming soon?

    tom from canada