Monday, April 16, 2012


Sorry for the long silence since my last post. I have been researching some subjects and will soon have a decent post for you, hopefully a helpful one. has an interesting post up today. great picture also!

One part that's of interest is:
"This event confirms suspicions that an active region of significance is rotating onto the Earth-facing side of the sun."
Oooppsss... not what we want to hear.

Lot's going on here on the Interwebs, as well as in flyover country. Not much of it good. It seems that the nation, and the world in general is coming to a slow boil which threatens to overflow the pot.

It also seems that the establishment GOP has had their 2008 2nd choice groomed to take the stage against the Demoncrap party's choice. Neither is fit to govern this nation.

We could vote for a third party candidate, but unless "Everyone" to the right of center did so, we would end up with four more years of the FSA's (Free Shit Army) choice of  Evil. So throw away your vote, or hopefully prolong the agony of collapse by voting in the other Evil. What a dilemma. At least prolonging the collapse gives us a chance to improve our lot against the gathering darkness.


  1. The "Free Shit Army" wins either way. Twitt Romney is just a vanilla Obammy. Promises aren't worth shit in your hand, and Twitt signed the precursor to Obammycare. Actions, not words... Third party doesn't have a prayer, the establishment has seen to that. Ron Paul was railroaded from day one, and he ran under the scarlet R.

    The collapse is coming, and soon. John McLame II will not save us. I actually think Obammy's re-(s)election would be best. Let's get this collapse over and done with rather than prolonging it slightly with a Twitt Romney presidency...

  2. Actually, the longer we prolong the inevitable, the results will be much worse, and yes it would give us preppers more time, but I would rather have it happen sooner than later. Anybody that has seen what has happened to our so called system of Capitalism and has done nothing to prepare for what is coming will not start now.

  3. Well, I for one am in no hurry to get the end going. It will be a cluster of epic proportions. If we can keep the engine alive for a while we can get tht eprice of oil down and get the engine running full tilt again.

    Manufacturing is about to return with a vengenance. Yes it can be built cheaper elsewhere but the quality is horrendous. With cheap energy no one will be able to compete with the USA.