Friday, April 27, 2012

BOV Update

Well, the Yeep is in the shop having some work done on it. It went in to have its new front tires mounted and has been in there over a week, as I have been adding new work requests. The Yeep wandered just a bit as you drove it, and I wanted it checked out.


So far, new battery cables have been installed as well as a new starter (warrentee). There was an extensive leak from the valve cover and it was missing several bolts. A new valve cover gasket was installed and the bolts replaced. They pressure washed the engine for me so I could check for leaks after driving it, as there was a lot of oil in the engine bay..

It also needed some new steering components so I had v8 ZJ (Grand Cherokee) steering components installed because they were heavier duty, and also added a new track bar. Some where along the way, a tie rod end had stripped the threads, and instead of replacing it, they drilled a hole through the assembly and bolted it together. Not very safe!

The bolts for the steering box were a bit loose because the Uni-body frame was cracked in several places. Cherokees are famous for this issue when they have over-sized tires installed. This was welded up and a Box Brace installed, along with a JKS XJ Steering Box Brace System, added to reinforce the uni-body frame.

The young man working on the Yeep (a 20 year veteran of Cherokee ownership) pointed out that the u-joints in the front axle needed to be replaced (visually verified).


Last, but not least this go-around I am having a new muffler and tail pipe installed, as the previous owner had put on a Cherry Bomb glass-pack and no tailpipe. I no longer like really loud cars and prefer to be able to listen to my stereo in peace 'n quiet.

I still have a list a mile long of to-dos, but most of them are not safety related, just general maintenance and improvements. Stuff I can accomplish myself as the weather improves. I hate not having a shop to work in, it really limits my wintertime options!

I need to enlist the assistance of several taller folk to help me put my roof rack on! I also intend to mount some special purpose lighting and am toying with the idea of putting a solar panel up top also to charge a battery system for camping uses. This will eliminate a dead starting battery and keep a deep cycle charged up for general purpose uses.


So many ideas, so little money...


  1. ever think of putting up an "instant garadge kit"?


  2. Hello Wildflower, thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes, I have been looking into those for a while. I will need lockable storage to keep my tools in though since I have had so much problem with thieves. I also will need (want) a cement floor for some of my heavy wheeled equipment, such as my engine stand, engine hoist and floor jack.

  3. What light of day isn't today?