Monday, May 21, 2012

It Does My Heart Good

The other day a friend of 3ohEight's dropped by. While they were visiting I overheard him bitching about Obama. There was no end of the ill's he attributed to the anointed one's enlightened rule!
He is only 19!
Even if there is little hope left for our nation, there is some hope for the younger generation.

 "If I had a son, he'd look like..." 

Thanks to wirecutter for the pic


  1. That bottom pic is so wrong, and come to think about it, the guy in the top pic is just as "wrong"

  2. Be glad for your eyes' sake that I cropped this pic. It was not a sight you would want to see... I hope not anyway!

  3. If you see something like this running down the street.....shoot it!


  4. ...careful Bob, they might think you were talking of the anointed one...

  5. I wonder what kind of super hero he is dressed up as....Weiner Man ?
    And the guy in the lower photo wearing a cape, who is he supposed to be ?

    Just wanted to get this link to you and your readers in case you didn't already have it. The Selous Scouts homepage;
    Lots of good tactical info therein.