Monday, May 14, 2012

Nothing Criminal Here

 Last Friday on the way to work gas was $4.05 per gallon (cash price, otherwise $4.15). On the way home it was $4.29 (cash price, otherwise $4.39). In 4 hours time! 
(I work 4-9’s and a 4)


I rushed to my PC when I got home and looked for the news I was dreading!

U.S. Attacks Iran!

Nope, not that.

Memorial Day weekend.

The blood sucking insects jacked the price up 2 weeks before the holiday, 24 cents.


I am staging my own revolt!
I will not purchase anything at all the week before or after the holiday. All my purchases will be made prior, and after the “Holiday” has passed. I realize that many cannot go that long without having to fuel up, but I can and I will not feed these criminals during this time.


Stronger Dollar Drives Oil Prices Lower 
WTI crude for delivery in June closes at $94.78 a barrel.

Here is the same crap trotted out by the lamestream media every time they gouge us.
Popular gasoline myths

In a first, gas and other fuels are top US export

Gasoline: The new big U.S. export

Historically High Oil Exports Helping Keep Gas Prices High


  1. Interesting. The price of oil has dropped, not climbed. No supply issues, no tax increases.

  2. for cheaper gas . Look at

  3. There is something criminal; the EPA. The EPA requires different blends of gasoline for different times of year and different regions of the country. It is a refinery nightmare. Your gas costs too much because the EPA is trying to justify their job. There is little to no value in these different blends but they make it appear that the EPA is doing something. If the refiners could just put out the same gasoline month after month and year after year the costs would come down by 20% or so. The EPA is the new Mafia.