Thursday, February 18, 2016

Budget Bushcraft - The $10 Stealth Stove

When I come across something that seems so simple, I can't help but share it. Have any of you tried this?


  1. Cool video. I have a coffee can stove, but not one of from duct work elbow. Those bent rods seem to work well, but our soil is very compacted when dry and would be a pain to insert - I use large steel nails (non galvanized) for a quick skillet / pot stand.

    All in all - great video. Thank you for linking to it.

  2. I purchased the pipe elbow pictured, but I also found a piece of steel exhaust pipe (about 3" diameter, 8" long with the 45 degree elbow making up about 2" of it, sort of a letter J) I may be able to re-purpose for a smaller version of this stove. The exhaust pipe is definitely more sturdy and would fit one of my small kits easier.

    Already have some big a$$ nails to serve as the pot stand but it may be too small for anything else but a small Zebra cup. Only one way to find out - thanks for the idea.

  3. don't inhale the fumes from galvanized steel tubing,you'll be hacking a lot

  4. Good stuff! Thanks, Bro.

    I've got s plentitude of heavy gauge wire tomato cages we just pulled up out of the garden for a long winter's nap.

    Trying to "engineer" said cages into a nifty pot 'n pan holding grill on a six inch piece of duct work and elbow.

    Just sayin..."necessity being the Mother of Invention" thing.

    is not