Monday, November 28, 2016

A New Link Added

I was sent the following link to review and I have found it to have useful information for the Prepper, Survivalist or just plain Gardener. I am a student of the sustainable eco-system as when the economy finally implodes, we may be faced with providing the majority of our own food. Are you ready to provide for your family? Could you provide even half of what you consume? If you don’t know how to grow food, you better have something damn useful to barter with.

I have added a link to the Blog, called Loyal Gardener. The link: HTTP://

You can find it also in my Gardening sidebar.

The link provided to me is on Square Foot Gardening:

It is worth checking out and may help to fill in those little voids in your personal knowledge. Add it to your Survival Bible for future reference. Some day the net may disappear and your source of information could go with it. And remember:

Winter is coming.

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