Monday, May 12, 2008

Economic Meltdown

Well it looks like we will have $4.00 a gallon gas before Memorial Day. I just saw $3.86 per gallon on my way to work this morning. I can see no reason for this other than outright greed.

When the trucks stop hauling groceries, the greedy bastards will get to starve just like everyone else. All their ill gained wealth will avail them naught when the store shelves are empty and there is nothing to buy with their worthless paper.

So who is to blame for this current mess?

#1. The Federal Reserve Bank
The constant printing of money to bail us out of this recession is driving inflation to new levels. While a low value dollar may be great for paying off debt, it hurts the hell out of the wage earners.

A low value dollar may open up foreign markets to US goods, but what are we selling? The majority of our manufacturing went over seas, so I am not sure what they would be buying. Seems all that’s left anymore is our farm products that should be purchased by the Government and stored against future needs, instead of selling off our food supply.

#2. Commodity Traders
These lowlife bastards contribute nothing to our society and due to their uncontrolled greed, drive prices up on everything. Every article I read on why the price of gas keeps going up mentions them fleeing the dollar and buying gas and oil, driving up the cost. Just the mention of $200 a barrel oil caused these vermin to drive the price up some more.

#3. Do Nothing Congress
What meaningful legislation has this pack of do nothings passed? Immigration reform? No. They could be saving our nation so that our children could enjoy the freedoms that we have enjoyed, but no. They have been bought and paid for by the highest bidder and nothing gets passed that does not benefit some large corporation somewhere.

#4. Out of Touch Presidency
Face It. This is probably the worst presidency in the history of our nation. At least Clinton spent most his time chasing women and did little lasting harm to our nation. Not so dubbya. He has managed to mire us in an everlasting war, alienate a large portion of our world wide friends, help institute the framework for this run-up in fuel costs, and saddle the American people with enormous debt that does nothing for the country.

#5. Greedy Oil Companies
Windfall profits.
What else can I say, when this says it all.

So what effect does this upward spiral in fuel costs have?

In my life it does the following:

I will never be purchasing a new automobile again. Sorry Detroit.

I will no longer go to the movies. The nearest theatre is 13 miles away 1 direction. That’s 2 days worth of gas to get to work.

No more lunches from convenience stores. I will brown bag it.

No more dining out. That includes fast foods. Sorry McDonalds and Jack in the Box.

I will not be purchasing any more DVDs. Sorry Hollywood. I will just rent a couple. For the cost of that new movie I can buy several used movies or just rent the same one again if I really want to see it that bad.

All the mom and pop businesses that I used to patronize will not be receiving my business. I will order what I need over the internet and not worry about finding what I need locally.

So who stands to gain from this mess?
Anyone who would profit from the US drilling new wells in previously closed lands. Like the ANWR. Make the consumer scream loud enough at the pumps and congress will finally react in the manner this mess was contrived to produce.

"Environment be damned! We need the oil to keep the economy alive and to give the consumer some relief." And some corporation(s) makes money hand over fist in this new opportunity. But will the price of fuel come back down? Hell no, there is too much money being made.

It may drop a bit to make it seem like we have received some relief but it will began it's climb again with everyone pointing their fingers at China and India, blaming it on them.

Welcome to the crash.


  1. You have hit the nail on the head.
    There is no "real shortage" at the moment,..its all commodity greed,..very similar to the oil embargo of 73-74. There was no shortage then either,...Tankers stacked up in the gulf like planes on a tarmac waiting to off-load.

    These greedy bastards are purchasing tangibles with the wealth they steal from us,..they wont do without when it hits the fan,..Just like the elite during the great depression .

    One question though,...why would you not buy from locals? Or did I not understand your comment?

  2. Where I live there are few stores that are more than gas station/convenience type. It is basically a bedroom community.

    The lack of a wal-mart or costco close by means I have to drive at least 13 miles one way to get a decent selection, with no guarentee I will find what I need.

    Buying local also puts tax dollars in the local governments pockets; the same local government that forbids farm animals within the city limits. (no chickens for me)

    Most of the businesses in my town are not selling anything that I would use. What they do have can be bought cheaper online and shipped to my door without me having to run around to find what I want.

    When I do go shopping I have a mental list of what I need and where to get it. I watch for bargins and every payday get my groceries and other purchases in one trip.

  3. Here is a listing of the local businesses in my town. 2 espresso stands, 3 resturants, 2 bars, a small hotel, an overpriced grocery store, 2 gas station/convenience stores, a barber/hair dresser, a chiropractor, a 2nd hand furniture store, a skiing gear shop, a mini storage, a video rental store, a river rafting company.

  4. By the way excellent post Selous Scout. Same here gas hit $3.89 this morning. I agree no new vechiles again or dvd on the purchases list. Spare funds when available buys beans and bullets. This is going to be a bumpy ride folks.

  5. There might be drop in oil prices. That would be a good move politically. Remember, while the oil producers are geting their rosy red asses kissed, they are stil liable to get invaded. And that will keep them somewhat humble.


  6. I remembered a few more businesses;
    a pet grooming shop, an upholstry shop, a firewood dealer (too high), a towing company, a small paving company and a small equipment dealer.

  7. Selous Scout - that is half the problem right there - time was when every town had some kind of industry that actually produced something. Shoes, paper, metal products,...

    Now most of that is being done in china. What do we have left? espresso stands, resturants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, barber/hair dressers, mini storage, video rental stores, and, of course - military recruiting stations...

    America is on a course that cannot be good. The workers of this country, its heart and soul, have been sold down the river by our leaders who let us down for their own selfish gain.

  8. Glenn Beck had some interesting comments on oil this morning. He's been reading a book, "Hand Made America" or something like that. Basically it describes the world post SHTF after China has gone to war over oil. Maybe not so far from reality as their economy ramps up. Crap, here comes another anxiety attack...... Just kiddin'...... Not.

  9. I get all the movies I care to watch (which isn't many) at the
    local library.

  10. Hey, you guys really don't have it hard at all. In the UK we currently pay about £1.35 per litre for petrol (thats over $12.00 a gallon), so stop moaning about it!

  11. Hey, you guys really don't have it hard at all. In the UK we currently pay about £1.35 per litre for petrol (thats over $12.00 a gallon), so stop moaning about it!