Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Hot and Heavy

I'm taken a break.
It was F'n hot here today. It's 9:25 pm and 75 degrees on my front porch. Now that may not seem like much to some of you but it is a nearly 40 degree increase in nighttime temps from a few days's ago.

The weather service is kaka. It said the high would be 86, but it was nearly 97 degrees today.

On another note:

US Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy is resting and undergoing tests in a Boston hospital after experiencing what his office says was a "seizure".

What did they do? Take away his bottle of scotch and his gay porn? This dinosaur needs to go.

Can we Tar and Feather this guy and then run him outa town on a rail?

What a well concocted BS story. Same thing I hear time and again. Tell someone else your sorry ass lies. We are living the pain at the pump. It is being driven up by something and it is not my extravagant driving habits.

The greedy bastards have sent gas to $3.91 a gallon for Memorial day weekend. Everyone needs to send them a message. Stay home and don't spend any money. If lots of people grew a set of balls and said enough was enough, maybe the bastards would get the message.

Naw, I bet they wouldn't. Whatever we wouldn't buy, they would sell to China or India.

The only way to send anyone a message is to vote out all incumbants. Git rid of them all. One term and then your out. Big business would go broke having to buy each new politician.

So is $4.00 a gallon the trigger?
Is that what will set off the crash?
Will it set off your personal SHTF?

Buy a scope for each of your firearms for in the future they may outlaw them. Any one with a scope is a would be sniper, at least as far as the gun haters are concerned.

Buy a cheap Mosin-Nagant and get a scope mounted on it. Buy a sealed tin of ammo for it. Buy another tin to use for sighting in your scope. Practice with your new scope until you can hit out to 400+ yards.

Hunting season is nearly here.
Be ready.

Something Wicked Comes.


  1. $4 is definitely a SHTF trigger for me. Mostly because there is no end in sight beyond that number. Life's fixin' to get real painful for a lot of folks.

  2. By the way Scout, let me know your e-mail address if you would. You can e-mail me by clicking my profile on my blog. Thanks.

  3. I can't believe I was actually ahead of the curve on something for once!
    I just bought a new scope for my 10-22 yesterday morning.

    One down, one to go.

  4. went to a show yesterday,..didn't get a scope but got another mossberg 500.

    Hey,..I tried,..but that dayum .12 just grabbed me as I walked by and wouldn't let go. what was I supposed to do?

  5. $4.00 SHTF trigger? No way. We're at that price right now and I see no evidence of reaching boiling point. For most people gas prices aren't even close to uncomfortable. My evidence of this is by how crowded the expressways still are. When the expressways become unclogged on weekends, then gas prices are having an effect.

  6. my boiling point has been exceeded...
    4 buck gas just turned it up a notch....
    I'm ;ookin at an m44 for next payday as I've been impressed with all that i have read about them...

  7. I like the M44 also. But if I had a choice between it and the M38, I would take the M38 as it has no bayonet attached.

    The extra weight of the bayonet is a small drawback and if I understand correctly, it was designed to be fired with the bayonet extended.

    I like the balance of the M91/30; it doesn't feel nearly as heavy as the M44. I hear the M44 has a mighty kick and an awesome muzzle flash.

    Here is a link showing what one guy did with his M44.