Friday, May 2, 2008

Rice and Garden Update

Just got back from shopping and I scored on 60 lbs of rice in 2 lb bags. Total price was $37.41. That works out to $0.6235 per lb. It looked as though they had about 200 lbs left out on the floor after I grabbed mine.

My indoor garden is doing great! Most of the radishes have come up, all of the broccoli has come up, another bok choy has popped up, most of the kale and lettuce has popped up too! The onion seems to be taking its sweet time compared to the other seeds.

Overall I am quite pleased with the performance of these seeds. The oldest seeds which I planted were; the broccoli, cabbage, cucumber and spinach (1999), The lettuce, kale and scarlet globe radish (2005), the mustard, onions, bok choy and scarlet white tip radish (2006).

What this tells me is that most of these seeds will be viable for a long time as long as they are not allowed to get moist. These seeds sat in a cardboard box up until last fall when I placed them into a plastic box so I could catalog and organize them.

I did buy a complete gardens worth early this spring, but I am going to store them in the reefer until they are needed. I still have a bunch of non-hybrid seeds which I bought in 2006 that will be joining them. I intend on using up all this old seed this year so as not to push my luck with them germinating.

Since I didn't have everything I wanted to plant, I bought more seeds last week; zucchini, spaghetti and acorn squash, as well as two kinds of beets, two kinds of roma tomatoes, a cherry tomato and two kinds of bush beans.

Time to get some peat pellets soaking so I can plant tomorrow.


  1. yesterday, there was no rice at Costco, but the Fred Meyer (Kroger) had 10 lb bags of CalRose for $15 each. I passed...

  2. Bargins can still be had if you look around. The same store I bought mine from had 1 lb plastic jars of basmati rice for $1.99. Like you, I passed on that price.

  3. Got ya beat...was at Wal-Mart yesterday, and they had bulk white rice for $0.48/lb for Cinco de Mayo. I had to weigh and bag it myself but I didn't mind. I didn't mind the strange looks from the cashier, either.

  4. How much Did you buy?
    300 lbs?

  5. Over the last week I've purchased 116 lbs. @ an average of .41 per pound.
    Some from Publix and the rest at Wally-World.

  6. we have a store in TN called the Dollar General Market. i've been buying 10 lb bags for $3.50 for months. i now have about 300 pounds packed in mylar bags in food grade pails with dessicant and oxygen absorbers - should last a good while.