Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dire Warning

content edited due to low-life scum suing bloggers for alleged copyright infringement

What evil purpose is there, that requires destroying the American economy? Is it to force us all into FEMA controlled food distribution camps? Halliburton (God curse them) has contracts for building more, and they will probably be staffed by Blackwater mercenaries.

Or is it merely to shift ownership of our lands back to the banks so they can sell them yet again for more ill gotten gains. Many people fear that the Government will request UN help to pacify the unruly mobs that will form when food supplies are withheld (to coerce us into the camps).

Seeing the performance of these clowns wherever they are deployed leads me to believe that they will be ineffective at controlling our population. The only way they can do it is if they weaken us with hunger and disease and reduce the population down to numbers they feel they can control with UN assistance.

Do not go to the camps. The camps will be slow death and servitude. Better to starve in your home or the wilderness than enter the camps. Fight to the death to stay out of the camps. Better to die free than serve the beast.

Buy more food. Arm your family.
Get out of the cities if you can.
Hunker down and prepare for future house to house searches if you can’t leave.
Hide your stuff! They will take your preps and leave you with nothing.

Perhaps they will take you too!

Or maybe just your children, to use as leverage against an unwilling population.

Something Wicked Comes.


  1. Frightening thoughts. I've got nowhere to hide anything in this house. It's time to get outta Dodge, and quick! My little voice nags me every day, and tells me what you've said here. I've seen the FEMA camps, they ain't pretty.

  2. Your comment on Blackwater is probably right on line I think the same way.Beans and bullets folks this may be the calm before the real storm....

  3. preppers are on the "A-list". we won't make it to the camps. they will gun us down and throw us into mass graves...irishdutchuncle

  4. I agree with irishdutchuncle - we preppers are too 'uppity' to be allowed to infect the other sheeple we would be incarcerated with. Too many ideas - they wouldn't want us to multiply the knowledge.