Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Coming Revolution

There is a revolution brewing, threatening to break out, but held in check for the moment due to the lack of leadership to inspire and rally the disenchanted masses into action.

The first American revolution had great patriots such as Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. These and other men's dedication to the cause of liberty, gave us the freedoms that we now enjoy, as well as those we have relinquished through our inaction over the last 10 decades.

We hear the voices of dissent; on TV, radio and the blogs that are so proliferent these days. There are many voices calling out for action. But there is a void to be filled, someone must rally the 3%er's to action before we can retake our government and put it back on the path of freedom.

Perhaps it is the fear of the government's wrath that keeps this leadership inactive. The lesson's of Ruby Ridge and Waco still are horribly fresh in all our minds. Perhaps they sit back and read the blogs, listen to the news and just shake their fist at and curse our domestic enemies. Our forefathers faced the greatest military power of their time, and with the help of others outside of what would become our our nation, they defeated it. They were armed on a nearly equal basis as far as firearms go.

Now we are armed, but with a disadvantage. The government tightly controls the weapons that would put the "Militia", we the people, at an nearly equal footing to their fighting forces and enforcers (JBTs). Our founding fathers did not face black helicopters, suburban’s and vans. No alphabet agencies to snatch them from their homes and make them disappear. They did not face dynamic entry teams armed with automatic weapons and flashbang grenades to abduct the dissident from his bed at 2:00 am. Their trials were not trivial, but they did not have the technilogical disadvantage that we have today.

Thus, the rallying voices, the dynamic speakers who would spark the revolt, remain quiet, unheard and unrecognized by the angry masses. Small events such as "tea parties" occur but do not affect the events transpiring. Our voices are seemingly unheard, ignored and squelched by main stream media. Slight of hand legislation distracts the masses with contrived media events (AIG), so called "false flag" events to keep our focus off what we should be really watching!

And so there must be a difference this time. All the disenchanted must become the new patriots, the rallying voices for change, the new founding fathers. For only in the strength of numbers will we regain our freedoms, our government, our nation: the Republic, and all for which it stands. One nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


  1. Good Morning,
    I read a lot of blogs and agree or disagree as I read. Your post this morning is exactly an echo of my thoughts last night. Yesterday several of the frequent bloggers seemed ready to throw their hands up in frustration and walk away from the computer. I can understand that frustration. But, and this is a big but, we can go no where without leadership. There must rise a charismatic individual that can rally the people to him/her and give direction to a revolution. Without a leader we are no more than a mob and mobs don't accomplish much. Even small groups, making plans on their own, can't accomplish major goals. Some where this individual sits, and it sure as hell isn't in the white house, and that individual is going to have to stand up and give direction before anything meaningful will ever happen.
    In the mean time I'm sitting and prepping and thinking.
    Cliff in Douglasville

  2. The cells are non malignant as of yet. Lets hope the body cures itself before the cells become malignant and spread to do harm to the bodily controls.

  3. The DEET is still keeping the thirsty stealth mosquitos at bay, but they are sweating it off daily.

  4. That's a pretty fair assessment. The 3% probably exist, but a leader needs to rise, and quickly, before the JBT whisk him away.....

  5. I don't think that any one person could lead. The Feds would snatch them up the moment they deemed them a threat.

  6. Inspiration: