Monday, March 2, 2009

District of Criminals

Trade nominee Kirk to pay back taxes

content edited due to low-life scum suing bloggers for alleged copyright infringement
It seems he is only a "little bit" of a tax cheat, not a "somewhat" cheat like Obama's other cabinet picks.

Now why would he surround himself with tax cheats and liars?

Is it because he is the Commander in Cheat?


  1. Max Baucus does not represent the true Montana lifestyle. He is voted in each year by the liberals that have overrun the more trendy parts of the state like Missoula and that area of the state. We even had a local free magazine run an article about a PRC transplant who was shocked that hunting was allowed near his home and that people could actually catch fish in the stream behind his house. The gun fire made him think he was on the freeway I guess. Here in Montana the waterways(streams, creeks, rivers) are open to anyone no matter whos property they pass through as long as you stay within the high water mark of the waterway.

  2. I have always heard that if you run with dogs, you must be a dog. That's what my momma always told me when I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Seems like these folks are running with a dog to me.

  3. Do these fools think that they can get by with this crap without anyone noticing?

    It just never ends...goes on and on!