Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

I just finished putting on wool socks and slippers. My feet were getting cold, even though the temperatures have been hovering around 54 degrees the last few days. Weather report says a cold front is moving in and it might snow some. Seems like winter doesn’t want to let go it’s hold.

The news media is still orgasming over Obama’s every bowel movement. It makes me want to puke. Then it makes me want to slap them upside the head with a gun butt. I hope that with the demise of jobs, that advertising takes a dump too, thus the medias revenue stream.

One of the blogging community has mentioned that perhaps we need a second constitutional convention. I don’t think so. The one we have was written for the people; written so that lawyers and judges and courts were not needed to determine its meaning. But somehow the people let them take over, telling us its meaning instead of reading it for ourselves. Now we are stuck with their interpretations of it, even though we know that their view is not necessarily that of the founding fathers.

Our congress critters are so far out on the limb, reaching for the golden fruit, even though they hear the cracks of the branches that support them, they are driven by the greed and lust fed to them by special interest groups (insurance, banking, wall street, etc…) even as their fate is about to be met most horribly. And the band plays on.

I am still entertaining the Idea of Van Dwelling. Craigslist still has a pretty good selection of them for under $2000. I also saw several free campers on it that would be able to donate their appliances and other amenities for the van project. I could rent out my house and create an agreement to place a CONEX container there to store my preps and gear, as well as negotiate parking rights so I don’t have to hunt for a place to sleep. I could plug in to their power while there and perhaps share a wireless connection. Lot’s of options.

Scout in Life has recently posted about his black powder firearms desires and acquisitions, and Riverwalker has posted some links to blackpowder care and feeding. I think that all survivalists should explore ownership of blackpowder weapons as most states currently have few restrictions on the purchase and ownership thereof.

This will change, and soon they will be treated as any other firearm. If I were to recommend a particular weapon, I would say buy a flintlock as well as spare parts for it. I think it is a perfect survival weapon. The percussion cap weapon relies on manufacturing for supplies of percussion caps to remain serviceable. Not so with the flintlock. Spend some time researching this path, you may be glad you did.

This last year, my employer laid off 50 people. The last group to go was laid off 2 weeks before Christmas. We were told that we were now down to a “core” group needed to run operations and that even though we had made these cuts, the company was considered healthy financially.

This week we were all called together and told there was an immediate wage freeze, starting at the time of the announcement. I am thinking that if the economy does not improve by September, maybe sooner, they will have to consider other actions. We have had week on, week off production in the 70’s, where we would draw unemployment for the off week. We may even go so far as to lay off more of the workforce, and move people around to work half the day in different departments to keep production at the levels of sales.

There is no job security.

I no longer agree with the philosophy of paying off debt such as loans and credit cards as a priority. Make minimum payments and put the rest of your cash into preps. It is too late in the game to pursue that old philosophy. If the crash we fear happens, those debts may well evaporate. If we are on the receiving end of an EMP attack, you can probably kiss them goodbye forever.

After the raping and pillaging done by congress on the behalf of wall street, banks and mortgage companies, I say let them try to dislodge you from your home after the crash. Pay them in precious metals, as in Lead, one round at a time. I for one will not feed their greed over feeding my family.

This Depression is going to get worse. If you can, start a container garden. That way, if you must relocate due to the loss of your home, you can take your garden with you. Store as much fuel as you possibly can. If you can’t keep much on hand due to legalities, at least keep your gas tank full. The price is predicted to go back up and the lack there of will compound the problems of the moment.

Buy lots of shoes and socks. Most are imported nowadays, except a select few. Before this Depression is over, you may be doing most of your moving about on foot. The alternative to walking is having a good sturdy bicycle with spare tires and parts. Include a good chain and lock to keep possession of it.

Continue buying ammunition until it can not be found. Buy it even if you do not have a gun in that caliber. It will become a great barter good before and after crash. Consider buying reloading equipment and components. Bullet molds in different calibers. All the dies and empty brass you can find. I tell you this, ammo is the currency of the future. Anything you want will be able to be purchased with ammo. Being able to reload that obscure wildcat cartridge may be what you need to bring home what your wife is waiting for, for what your children need.

Keep on prepping, even if it seems there is no hope for our country. The Phoenix may just be waiting for its rebirth!


  1. Complete Collapse started Thursday. Banks, Life Insurance Companies, Pension Plans, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Hedge Funds, Federal Reserve, Stocks, Commodities are all toast. The fuse is lit and it's going to blow. The only solution is a full scale global nuclear war. It will eliminate the surplus of foreclosed homes and buildings as well as the people occupying them that can afford the mortgage by destroying them.

    Will S.

  2. Be VERY careful about even mentioning a Constitutional Convention. That's pandora's box. Once a Con-Con is opened, any changes can be madeto the Constitution. Bill of Rights? Adios. Second Ammendment? Think with today's politicians they wouldn't abolish private ownership of firearms? See, they don't talk about it because there's a 2nd Ammendment. If it's changed in a Con-Con, it's like it never existed. Then they can ban anything they like and it's NOT "unconstitutional". As a matter of fact, they can argue the "Constitution" says something like this: "for the safety of the people, no man shall be armed but those in law enforcement, those serving active duty military personnel and those directed by the government".

    That would be the law of the land. Adios freedom. 2nd Ammendment? That's just ONE. A Con-Con would be catastrophic for freedom.

  3. Plenty of food for thought in today's post, my friends. It's getting pretty hairy out there ...

  4. I am glad to have found you, but would like to have seen what you are writing 10 or more years ago when I started learning about this, and many other things that have since gone rotten.
    Thank you for telling what you see, telling what you know, and sharing it with those who need it.

  5. Will S, that is a pretty grim assesment.

    G3Ken, I agree, thats why I disagreed with the other blogger.

    HermitJim, it is indeed getting hairier by the day.

  6. Jean & Vic, welcome to my blog, I am glad you enjoy it! While I was not writing 10 years ago, I have been involved in preparedness since I first purchased hiking gear.

    I quit sharing my views with others during the period that survivalist were portrayed as loonies. My friends have viewed me as eccentric and so I quit sharing my views with them.

    Over a length of time I quit discussing my views with others as they ridiculed my views, and thus remained silent until starting this blog.

    Partners for survival and prepping are nearly impossible to find during the good times, but times like these bring out a great many people who have become concerned with the path our government is headed.

    They are good people no doubt, but they are behind the curve on prepping as the collapse is on their tail, nearly overcoming them.

    I wish you luck in prepping, and encourage you to make it the greatest priority in you life right now.

    Good luck to you.

  7. I'm in agreement about the Con-con, bad juju there m'man..... The rest, that's been my M.O. so far. Screw the bills, prep like mad. Electricity, water, and internet are the only thing I'm keeping up with, for now.... Van, RV, whatever. Git ya some sort of alternative housing. A sturdy tent if nothing else! A damn house ain't worth dieing over....

  8. If we had a second Constitutional Convention do you really think there would be any kind of Bill of Rights included? Do you REALLY think that the rights we associate with the Second Amendment would still be recognized?

    With the current lack of true statesmen I think the country would lose much more than it could gain. I don't even know what people think the nation would gain.

    G3Ken hit the nail on the head.

  9. Yeah, job security around here is getting scary as well. Working in construction field (architecture) is not a growth field these days, as everyone understands. Preps will likely pay off sooner then expected, keeping fingers crossed (but prepping still the same).

    The Obama fanatics are beginning to see the emperors clothes. They are on attack mode of anyone criticizing him now, but I think by summer / mid summer, they will come to realization - what the hell was I thinking.

    Obama deserves a chance, like anyone winning office, and I hope he can find some way to do it - but feel in my heart ain't no way thats going to happen.

    NOT MY FAULT - PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION. Yeah, man, but weren't you in Congress - you were either totally in the know, or were keeping your blinders on, totally oblivious to what was happening around you.

  10. any more of the cache story? its a great story and i eagerly look for each new chapter

  11. More cache coming up, most likely Saturdays post.