Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cockroach Hunt in AZ

Now this appears to be heading for some serious feces:

AZ Sheriff Authorizes Lethal Force Against Cartels, Bandits
Drug smugglers and border bandits have been threatening citizens and law enforcement in southern Arizona for long enough and one county Sheriff is taking a stand.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has announced his police department plans to use deadly force, if necessary, to finally drive the dangerous criminals out of the area.

Wonder how long it will be before the scumbags from the District of Criminals stick their noses into this situation.


  1. The first line of defense is the county and that is the sheriff. He has the constitution and the state constitution as authority. That is, he has the duty to repel invasion.

    If he needs help he has the unorganized militia and that is everybody.

    Commies can go to hell.

    Mountain rifleman

  2. A lot of the commenters I read seemed quite eager to assist in "the hunt". I hope the Sheriff accepts any competent help that is offered.

  3. Aww man, I thought they were hunting CONgress cockroaches... Oh well, I suppose I'll have to settle for defying CONgress cockroaches...

  4. I have long been wondering when the Winchesters would come out, get greased up and go to work.

  5. Folks like Sheriff Babeu and Governor Brewer keep reminding me why I moved here in the first place. While the rest of the country cowers, Arizonans stand tall.

    Go get 'em, Sheriff!

  6. If I lived in AZ, I would probably offer a support role or man a LP/OP to report suspicious activity. I am not as young and energetic as I was in days gone by so humping thru the desert looking for the bad guys is not something I would consider.

    Yup, a nice observation post with a scoped .30-06 1917 Enfield or 8mm Mauser with a AK-47 backup and a partner to spell me!

  7. Hell, I could use a vacation and get away from this cold and snow.
    Have guns..will travel;)