Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Link Request Policy

Over the last few months I have had quite a few link requests, some coming in my email, others being posted in the comment sections of my posts. Many of these come from sites which have nothing to do with the subject matter of my blog.

Because of this, I have decided to implement a link request policy. If you wish to have me link to your Blog or Website, you must meet the following criteria.

Your subject matter must be oriented to the following:
1. Preppers and prepping for adversity
2. Survivalist
3. Outdoor oriented activities such as Foraging, Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
4. Woodscraft
5. Current political events of interest to all of the above
6. Four Wheel Drive content (BOV)
7. Any other content that upon reviewing, I determine of interest to myself or my readers

Any requests for links, or comments containing links will be deleted at my discretion.
Form letter requests will be be deleted automatically or simply denied. If you want me to give your site consideration for exposure on mine, take the time to write me a personal note requesting that I do so.

Existing links will stay as they are for now, but may be removed in the future if they do not continue to present value to me or my readers.


  1. "Commoncents" must have been by again. Or the "space info" dude. They're persistent buggers...

  2. I say Control you info and site. To many want to piggy back on a good thing because they cant or wont provide for their own site. Or of course they want to try to screw a new bunch of people. Keep up the good work.