Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creeping Revolution

Having followed the turmoil that has unseated the government in Tunisia, and what is now happening in Egypt, I can't help but wonder how such events might began to unfold here in the US, land of pacification and sheepology. Then, I came across this article from a link on Green Mountains Homesteading , The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy. Be sure to read all of the related articles, This Is What Brian and Ilsa Said To Their Bank , The Second Leg Down of America’s Death Spiral.

Now, do you have a mortgage? 

Perhaps you do not need to feed the monkeys, or at least the banker monkeys, any longer.

What would that do for your preps? Call your mortgage holder. Ask to see your note. Sit back and watch the cockroaches scramble.

In December, I received a registered letter from my mortgage company offering me a no fee rate reduction refinance on my existing balance. This was followed up by two phone calls, by different individuals. I wonder if this was an attempt to cover their butt because they could not produce a note with my signature. They bought my mortgage from someone else some time back.
Food for thought anyway.

Addendum: Be sure to read the comments also.


  1. The scam is that if you sign a new note there is verbage to make you accept the paperwork they provide and you basically agree to sign a new note at their whim. That way there is an 'Original' note anytime they request you to make one.

    Check out Ralph Winterrowd at He is getting this loan scam figured out and basically is exposing lots of fraud and corruption.

    Looking forward to more of The Cache. It has my interest!


  2. Here's mine if you like.