Sunday, January 2, 2011

What about BOB?

While you are scratching your head, wondering what to include in your BOB, head on over to Lee Shapiro's Blog titled Bug Out Bag Quest and see what he is putting in his. Lot's of good information so go check it out!

Here is a list of candidate items I am considering for an INCH bag. (I'm Never Coming Home)

Mora Knife w/sheath
Old Timer 3-blade folding knife
Folding pruning saw
Large plastic trowel
Kobalt Hatchet (Lowes)
Small Pruning Sheers
2 galvanized nails

Strikeforce Firesteel
Brass Match container, waterproof
2 Butane Lighters
Swedish Fire Steel
Fresnel lens

Polar pure water purifier
Pure Hiker water filter
2 qt. canteen (+ 4 lbs)

Mossy Oak Tarp 8x10
German Ground Cloth
Alpenflauge Poncho
Emergency Mylar Blanket
2nd Mylar Blanket
550 Paracord (60 to 80 feet)
50 feet nylon rope
250 feet nylon twine
12 nylon wire ties, various lengths

Food & Cooking:

8 Ration Packs, enhanced (Need to bring calories up to 2400, or higher)
Misc food
Large Billy Can with wire bail
Polycarbonate Silverware set
Plastic soup cup w/Lid
Drinking Cup
Aluminum Pot handle
P-38 Can Opener
Pot Scrubber

Personal medkit w/meds (list contents)
Petroleum Jelly
Asthma inhaler w/2  refills (3oEight/Neo)
Small container Bag Balm (need 4 3oEight/Neo)
Insect Repellent

Tooth brush
toilet paper roll, flattened
Coleman Camp Soap

Wool Watch Cap
Cotton Camo gloves
Long sleeve Wool Shirt, light weight
4-pair cotton socks (replace with wool) Merino wool SG

LED Keychain Light
LED Flashlight w/ batteries
6 AAA batteries for LED flashlight
20 Tea Light candles

Compass Pouch
Military Style Lensatic compass
Signal Mirror +  Glow Stick (3oEight/Neo?)
2 pair foam ear plugs
Sewing Kit (inspect contents, modify if needed)
SAS Survival Guide
2 ea. 32 gallon contractor garbage bags
Chamois (Shammy cloth)

Current weight with no water: 25 lbs

2 quarts water (optional) 4lbs

Travel rations & bag
Dental Floss
Colloidal Silver - (Monster Energy bottle)
Hand Sanitizer - (Rockstar Energy bottle)
Wound dressings x 3
Tent stakes, 6 light weight plastic
Wool Socks x 4 pair - replace cotton
Chamois (Shammy cloth) (4 Neo)
Duct Tape
Spare glasses in hard case or Sports frame
24 inch Bow saw
Short Garden Shovel
Collapsible Fishing Pole and small kit


  1. Good list Selous Scout. I'll copy it and add 1 - 12' gill net; 500 vaseline coated cotton balls; 100 each of penicillin, cipro, erythromycin, clindamycin and doxycycline. (I've got a good physician and I know him well) now all the above stuff doesn't weigh much and it doesn't take up much space.

    Just in case we're going to a party I'll take along my M1 Garand and at least 4 bandoleers of ammo (192 rounds - 13 pounds with en-bloc clips) and just to keep the Garand company I'll take 2 1950s canteens and covers with one cup and and a pistol belt.

    That should do until we get to the river.

    I don't care much for the go-light crowd. They can pack what ever they want, I don't care. I'm suspicious of any healthy person that can't carry a rifle unless it weighs less than 6 pounds, but that's their problem.

    There are folks that aren't up to it physically and many of them can't walk up a flight of stairs and they'll need help and this I understand. Those of us that are healthy are going to have to figure out how we'll help our unhealthy friends.

    When it comes to shanks mare and helping others it's best to have a couple of wheels on an axle and then you can throw on some extra bandoleers.

    Mountain Rifleman

  2. Ummm......... Soap?

  3. Consider a decent full size axe. This is certainly not what you would take on a hike or in a BOB heading to a warm home. But if you are intending to survive for an extended period of time and it will be in the country or in the woods then an axe is a necessity. If you doubt it try doing anything serious with a hatchet vs an axe. A head to head contest with a peer is a good way to discover how inadequate a hatchet is and how incredibly useful an axe is.

    With an axe, saw and a 1" chisel I can singlehandedly build a cabin that I could live in comfortably for a lifetime. That sure beats a debris hut all to hell.

  4. For BOB, maybe just having a tomahawk head with round pol would work for you. A branch would be easy to cut and install on the spot, vs. carrying the extra bulk of the ready made handle / blade. Just a suggestion.

    I don't have one yet, but a lot of folks have some positive comments on Heatsheets, a glorified, stronger mylar blanket. Priced to move too, about $5 or $6. Might be worth investigating.

  5. Very comprehensive and I like the name - never thought in terms of not being able to eventually come home.
    RE: soap. Consider soap sheets. They are in a plastic container that is slightly larger than Listerine Breath Strips. Available at
    and several travel sites. Been using them for years and they do the job with a minimum amount of water.
    Great site.

  6. If going light I'd replace the potscruber with Steelwool because you can start a fire if you have batteries.
    I'd replace the signal mirror with a few sheets of heavy duty tinfoil and you can bake or fry with it.
    I'd use Ivory soap bar cause you can flake and dry it and make laundry soap. A small hand towel would be good to have.
    A colapsible Army entrenching tool, grind an edge on one side and sharpen it up. That'll take care of the hatchet and trowel.

  7. You need not carry a rod and reel in your BOB.You can improvise. I use Spyderwire braided 50 lb and 65 lb test. Lighter line might break, and I would lose both line and hook. Wrap the line around a bottle or Coke can. Securely tie the end of the line to the can. With a little practice you can cast a lure or baited hook almost as far, and as accurately, as with rod and reel. To retrieve, let the incoming line run through one hand. With the other hand move the bottle as if stirring the air and the line will wrap on the bottle.

  8. Keep this going please, great job!