Friday, October 14, 2011

Filling Your Plate: Part I - Getting Started

Are you all thumbs in the kitchen?
When it comes time for meals, are you at a loss what to make?
Does grocery shopping for meals leave you dazed and confused?
What about stocking a pantry if you don't have one. Where do you start?
New to Prepping and not sure what foods to stock up on?
Newly divorced and not used to cooking for yourself?
Save money by not eating out at fast food joints and restaurants.

As a single parent I struggle at times trying to make appetizing foods for my family, as well as being tired out at the end of the day. I am always on the lookout for a good recipe, especially if it can be made from the foods I have chosen to store.

Getting a recipe list also shows me holes in my storage program. Having a good selection of recipes will help reduce appetite fatigue and keep everyone happy!

Here are some helpful articles gleaned from
Make Your Own Mixes
Recipes and Tips

Have you ever made your own mixes? There are many recipes available, from Hearty Bean Soup Mix to Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk to Dukka. Make a flavored coffee creamer or your own hot roll mix. With a little organization, some tightly sealed jars and labeling equipment you can have a pantry full of fabulous mixes in no time. It's also wonderful to have recipes for seasoning and herbs blends that may be difficult to find in some parts of the world, like Beau Monde seasoning or Herbs de Provence.
How to Grocery Shop

How do you shop for groceries? Do you run to the store every few days to buy things you ran out of, or do you shop once a week with a list, making meals according to a plan? Are you an impulse shopper, or do you always carry a list with organized coupons? Here are the basics you need to save money and time, and make your life easier in the hunt for food.
Fruits and Vegetables Preparation Guide: Fruits A-Z, Veggies A-Z

It's my ardent belief, backed up by lots of scientific research, that the more fruits and vegetables you eat the healthier you will be. Did you know that there are compounds called phytochemicals and antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables that help reduce your risk of disease? Taking supplements with these nutrients doesn't work as well as eating fresh produce. There are so many micronutrients, phytochemicals, and compounds in fruits and vegetables that food scientists are discovering every day.
Easiest Recipes

These recipes use lots of wonderful convenience products and are so easy to make. There's little chopping or preparation; most of the time you just open packages and cans and add heat; then eat!

Almost Homemade Recipes
Almost Homemade Recipes start with convenience foods, then add some fresh foods to make them taste delicious. Make these quick and easy recipes using convenience products and fresh food.

Searching for quesadilla recipes Quesadillas are a quick and easy hot sandwich recipe made from a variety of meats, vegetables, and cheeses.

Top 10 Grilled Sandwiches
Grilled sandwiches are one of the best quick meals around, and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These recipes are some of my favorites, including the way I make the simplest and best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world.
The best way and easiest to make grilled cheese sandwiches that are crisp on the outside and warm and melty on the inside is to assemble the sandwich, then but…

Ten Easy Pieces
For a final solution to the 5 PM dinner crunch, try these ten recipes that I depend on even when I can't face cooking! From Tortellini with Peas to Alpine Meatballs, you're sure to find recipes your family will love.

Easy Cheesy Pizza
Pizza is a great idea for a quick dinner. With these mix and match recipes, you can have your own hot, fresh, homemade pizza on the table in less time than delivery - for about half the cost.

My Easiest Recipes
I have collected a wonderful collection of foolproof, super easy, delicious recipes that work every time. Just assemble ingredients and you'll be ready to eat in minutes.

More of My Easiest Recipes
Find even more of my easiest recipes, using convenience food ingredients you can find at any grocery store.

Chicken - Quick!
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are a wonderful choice for easy weeknight meals. They are tender and juicy, and as an extra bonus, kids love them too! Try these wonderful recipes for dinner tonight.

Top 5 Convenience Products
These convenience foods are always in my pantry, fridge, or freezer. With them I can make dozens, if not hundreds, of recipes in a flash. Try Alpine Meatballs, Cherry Chicken Salad, Minute Apple Tart, and more using frozen meatballs, puff pastry, and three other great products.

550 Five Ingredients or Less Recipes
Searching for five ingredient recipes This fabulous collection of more than 550 five ingredient recipes includes appetizers, desserts, cookies, salads, and main dishes.

Five Ingredient Stir Fry Recipes
Searching for stir fry recipes These five ingredient stir fry recipes have got to be the fastest and most delicious ever!

Easy Recipes
Need quick and easy meals for the 5 PM crunch time These ten super fast and delicious recipes will get dinner on the table in minutes.
Do you have a collection of very easy recipes
These quick and easy fast recipes will help you cut your time in the kitchen. Easiest and fastest recipes.

Well! That should be a good start on gathering recipes to help build your food storage. Store what you eat, eat what you store!


  1. During normal times (not post SHTF) I buy meat and wrap and freeze it in family sized portions. I buy carrots, onions and potatoes in the largest package (or if picked individually from a bin I buy a couple bags full). I buy other fresh veggies as needed or if on sale. I keep a full cupboard of soups, broths, gravies, canned tomatoes, beans, peas, corn, etc. And I store huge amounts of rice and flour.
    When it comes time to make a meal decision I select meat from the freezer, decide which primary starchy choice will best go with it (potatoes, rice, pasta, stuffing, etc.), select a veggie and decide if I want a gravy or sauce to go with it. Using this formula there are literally thousands of combinations, plenty of variety. It even allows me to make a decision 15-20 minutes before mealtime (thanks to the microwave defrost capability). I also have canned meat (both home canned and storebought) to substitute as needed. Simple. I will admit not everyone agrees that every combination is awesome but they are all edible and nutricious. Also I welcome complaints and volunteer them to become the new cook.

  2. I love my freezers, but I am looking to empty them in the near future to rotate the food and in case of power disruptions. Always have supplies on hand for processing what you have stored in them.

    Home canned goods are better than store bought "cans" due to the amount of sodium in processed foods.

    If you store large amounts of rice, barley and other grains, be sure to store it in insect proof containers to avoid infestations.

    Thanks for stopping by and the great comment!