Saturday, October 29, 2011

All The News That's Fit To Print: Saturday Edition, 10/29/2011

A little something new I may continue to do.

Gun ownership in U.S. soars: Gallup
Gun-ownership levels in the U.S. have risen sharply over the past few years, reaching their highest point since 1993.

CNBC Online Poll, 69% Support Returning to the Gold Standard
In an unscientific but intriguing online poll, CNBC discovers that in over 1,000 votes cast, 69% support a return to the gold standard, only 25% oppose.

Why is George Soros Selling Off His Gold and Silver?
Recently, gold and silver have taken a hit. Gold was down $39 since Monday and “U.S. silver futures have lost 14 percent over the past four sessions, wiping out gains from the previous three weeks that took the price to a 31-year top just below $50 on April 25,

Sell high, buy low. Scare everyone into selling and the price drops. Take your profits and buy it all back when it hits the bottom. Nothing to look at here, just market manipulation. S.S.

Watch out for China’s ‘freak’ economy
The really ominous news right now?
It’s been the juggernaut carrying us all year. But Albert Edwards at SG Securities says the world’s second biggest economy is a “freak” and it’s starting to go berzerk.


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  1. It would be impossibe to use a gold standard today. There is not enough gold and that standard allows a one country to extract another countries gold reserve. In the late 60's France embarked on a program of demanding gold for dollars it received in trade. Our government was forced to abandon the law that required dollars be redeemable in gold. If they had not France would have all our gold. Perhaps when the world's population was 1/2 a billion or so it was feasable, today it is not.