Friday, October 28, 2011

Tijuana On The Sky

Tijuana On The Sky, Mexi-Scum Hellhole

City of Monroe, Snohomish County, Washington. (for the DHS, DEA and FBI readers)
I was talking with a work acquaintance the other day and he was telling me how bad it was in this town. He said MS-13 was there, as well as the Mexican Mafia. He also said there was a white gang which painted its faces, but he had no more info than that to share about them. He said that they had not bothered them at all.

He said that the Mafia kids run the school. They are never disciplined for any acts of violence. He knows personally, as a girl that lives with his family was accosted by their leader. Evidently he said something rude to her and she told him to fuck off. He didn't like this "disrespect" and proceeded to slap her. She was pulled from school and the principal and teacher were informed of the incident. Nothing was done or said to the perp. These kids all drive BMW's and hot-rod rice burners to school.

He told me of 2 other boys who were accosted while smoking some weed in one of the parks. One of them is in the hospital from the beating he received when they told him to give them the weed, and he refused. They hit him in the head with a gun butt (handgun?). There were 8 of them.

His son was walking home one evening and 4 Mexi-Scum walking down the street yelled at him. He ran home. He was shaking from fear when he got there. He also said that there was a bad Heroin and Ecstasy problem in town, and that 3 kids had died from an overdose recently.

The police seem to be on the dole, for they do nothing to clean up the slime ridden streets. That means that City Hall must be involved as well. My associate says they plan on moving, soon!

Another acquaintance that has retired from work stopped in and talked with me awhile. His wife, who has recently retired, was working at the local hospital. It seems that the unfunded mandate that all who show up at the emergency room must be treated, will soon force the hospital to close its doors. Illegal immigrants are straining the healthcare system so badly here in WA state that the Governor is having to slash the budget for those programs that help the poor! It was not stated that that was the cause, but you know it is when no matter where you go, you hear a foreign language being spoken and every sign has a second language posted below the English version!

What does it take for Citizens of the US to take back their cities, their home towns? Does it take a home invasion while you are away at work that leaves your family dead or hospitalized? What would push you over the edge? Quit hiding behind keyboard bravado and do what needs to be done.

As long as these Mexi-Scum can walk unafraid down our streets, the legal citizens will be left to cower in fear and scurry away from contact with them.


It's your move!

Clarification: Mexi-Scum is in reference to the gang members and mexican mafia, not the hard working mexican families which are here legally, or those here illegally but not part of the problem referred to above. I work with several mexican guys who followed the rules and are here legally. They are great guys and hard workers. I have no problem with those who follow the rules.


  1. I 100% agree with your points. However I think you do yourself a disservice using the phrase mexi-scum. Stick to illegal aliens. I spent 20 years in the military and knew many Mexican Americans and without exception they were all good people. I have live in Southern California for years and other parts of the country where Mexican Americans are a large minority and without exception all of the families and individuals I knew were good people. I am not naive I know there are bad people as well and the gangs are the worst of the worst. But you must avoid blaming an entire group, race, minority. Not meant as a criticism but as good advice, hope you see it that way.

  2. Thank you for your comment, it caused me to add the clarification to the end of the post.

  3. I'm not afraid of much at my age, but to tell the truth...these younger gangs scare the hell out of me!

    It's a crying shame that they seem to be multiplying so rapidly!

  4. The painted faces may be "juggalos". Painted to be like twisted clowns.

    Some reference to a hip hop music group.

    As a side note, A "juggalo" was found floating face down in the Ohio River close to Louisville, Ky. back in the spring or early summer.

  5. I went to the DMV the other day to get my license renewed. There were 4 Caucasians there including myself and about 30 hispanic people. 3 orientals and 2 blacks.

    2 hispanic women sat behind me with their whiny brat, jsbbering away the whole time. The racket was driving me nuts.

    I hate whiny children. Fortunately I was called within 20 minutes of my arrival and was soon out of there and on my merry way!