Friday, April 25, 2008

Retard of the Week

The Brady Campaign should be commended for their effort in hiring the handicapped.

However, they should not use the mentally retarded to be a spokesman.

Read this article and you will understand the context of this post.

States act to shield gun holders

“Weaver, of the Brady Campaign, said there's no evidence to show that open records put people who carry concealed weapons in greater danger.

"We feel that the greater danger is putting concealed-weapons permits in the hands of convicted felons and people that should not be allowed to have them," he said. “

Ok retard, concealed weapons permits require fingerprinting and a FBI background check. I seriously doubt a convicted felon would pass that.

These people should seriously check their lies before they open their mouths. It really steals their credibility and helps us gun owners when they spout this drivel.

For all you truly mentally handicapped people out there, I apologize for associating you with this, uhhh, person.

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