Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Something Wicked Comes

It is almost palpable, this feeling of dread. It builds each day making me want to scream out loud.

The evil grows, like a noxious weed, feeding on the human spirit. It wants to devour us; its hunger is unsated by the death and destruction that it unleashes. It controls our leaders and their minions, and to an extent, the masses of sheeple surrounding us.

It is borne on the wind, howling ominously in the trees, voicing its disdain for our wellbeing. It thirsts for our tears as it seeks sadness and woe, spreading gloom and despair in its wake.

The wickedness takes on new forms as well as old; poverty, plague, starvation, disease, climate change, drought, addiction, predation, rioting, oppression, wars and sudden death from acts of violence.

Children attack their peers, laughingly, thinking it great sport to inflict pain and suffering. Parents, wrapped up in the daily struggle of consumerism, pay scant heed to their own children until the wickedness washes over them like a black tide, spilling darkness into their lives and choking off the light.

Yes, the wickedness.
It is here now.
It has come.


  1. Ah yes, the darkness comes upon us. I cannot say that the world does not have it, for it roundly deserves every bit of misery that it experiences. The scriptures speak of a time when the Beast will speak. It is starting to be verbal right now. We are only in the formative stages as yet. But I will not pray for relief. Why postpone the inevitable? If evil crosses over the land then it must be cleansed. By a bath of fire? Fire is a great purifier. But while evil grows and darkness descends, do not become faint of heart. If he who is our maker lets us live, then thank him and go forth to build anew. Just do not rebuild the misery and filth that presently abides among us. Keep the children clean and free. Let them grow to be free adults, living in the sight of God. Where the Spirit of God is, there is Liberty.


  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

    The evil one is spreading his darkness over the world, just a glance at the headlines will confirm.

    Time is short. We must prepare now least we be caught sleeping.

  3. Scout, it's good to see you start a blog. Read my first one of your's today and the homemade mre's was really informative. Good post all around.

  4. tjbbpgob, glad you came for a visit and enjoyed what you read. I have a nice list of posts that I am working on to share. Stop by often.

  5. Scout, great blog, and you really struck a chord in me. I too feel the "darkness" upon us. Soon there will be widespread hunger, the lights will go out, our cars will sit idle, and only those of us who have prepared will survive. The "sheeple" will huddle in refugee camps where disease and starvation will claim them. The government elite will have abandoned them to die while they save their own skins. My family will not only survive, we will thrive. In the words of Hank Williams Jr., "we can skin a buck, we can run a trotline, and a country boy can survive".