Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ok, so thats a little "Dark" for a 1st post. But as I read whats going on in the world, largely unreported by our media as they focus on their new "Darlings"; McCain, Clinton, and Obama, I can't help but feel a slow creeping fear that the Free Fall will happen before I am ready to deal with it on the level I feel capable of.

Even though I have been prepping for years, I am saddled with a mortgage and no place to safely run if a SHTF scenario were to demand it. I have a junk piece of land as Jim Dakin (Bison Survival Blog)
recommends, but it floods upon occaision and would not be a good place for serious improvements. This picture is from my lot. It is nearly an acre (.80 acre).

So I am going to sell it for whatever I can get and put that money down on a more remote piece of land. I have a plan, it might work for others in my situation, but for some it will not be feasible.

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  1. Not too dark at all, heck thats why this country, the world for that matter, is in the shape its in... political correctness.

    Spot on with your assessment. Sadly, it's a daily occurance.