Friday, April 25, 2008

Rice Update

I just got back from shopping at my favorite store and was disappointed with the rice supply I found there. There were only 9 of the 1lb bags that I bought for $.69 last trip, but a bunch of Basmati rice in 1 lb hard plastic jars for $1.99!

I about crapped my pants when I saw that price. Instead I bought 4 lbs of each: Lentils, White beans, Black beans and Pinto beans. Then I bought 2 bags each of every kind of pasta. I topped off my cart with a canned ham and 4 cans of spam. They had 15lb bags of large russet potatoes for $2.99. Canned fruit, coffee, bacon, cheese; all were purchased in quantity.

At least 30% of what I buy goes into my food storage program. I still got out of the store for under $200.

Stock Up Now! It isn't going to get any cheaper!

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