Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can Anyone Say: DUH!

Daily world financial news from Thomson Financial News
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What geniuses these people be. Oil prices are the magic bullet to kill the American economy. And when our economy goes south, it's gonna take some other countries down with it. This whole "Global Economy" is going to bring a world of hurt upon all nations of the earth.

In reviewing my blog's stats' I see that there are people from quite a few different nations reading the blog. Glad you can visit. How about dropping us a comment on the current economic view from your nations perspective? Feel free to post a comment, please!


  1. I concur...

    Half the financial news is just common sense finally being spoken instead of irrational garbage about how the ponzi' wealth game can somehow provide endless wealth,food, water and security merely b/c they print more paper money, or bundle paper in a complicated manner.


  2. A Canadian opinion on the economy.
    In the words of the Mogambo Guru "We're freaking doomed"
    Canada's economy at this time is waaay too closely tied to the US economy. Your housing crash has killed our western lumber industry and will likely create some new ghost towns.
    I first got interested in silver in gold a couple years ago, I figured a piece of gold will always buy so many chickens or goats the world round but at the time knew very little about economics. This interest lead to reading a whole lot of doom & gloom economics written by silver and gold bugs. With the market manipulation these fellas talk about and eventual collapse, it's a wonder that more of them don't speak to the subject of prepping & investing in tangibles other than S&G. It seems they concentrate on silver and gold getting up to astronomical figures vs. the fiat butt wipe. But then what? When gold and silver reaches crazy numbers have you really gained anything, nope precious metals and commodities are a holder of value unless you are mucking around in the futures market. By the time those crazy numbers are met, you ain't gonna be looking to convert your precious metals to FRNs, nope your gonna be wanting good old fashioned bullets beans and bandaids. I used silver and gold as savings vehicle, then sold it all off so that I could move out of Subsurbia to an area rich in oil, grain, and game.
    Am I even close to sticking to the subject?

  3. Yes, and thank you for your comment.
    Lets have more from others. SHTF will be a worldwide impact affecting everyone due to all the entertwined trade and finacial trickery.

  4. Can you say "FINANCIAL TEOTWAWKI" ?

  5. Here in Australia it is business as usual. Resources boom or not we at the bottom, or top, of the world are going to have a difficult time but we have a great deal of "stuff" that will help soften the blow.

    But boy do we use a great deal of fuel to get around!

    Lifestyles are going to change but we will go kicking and screaming every step of the way!

  6. From Mexico.
    The equivalent of the IRS here just raised taxes 16%, and deductions on food and soft items were done away with. So the effective tax rate is around 48% now. They are trying to get rid of the middle class business owners, and also cash, and put everyone on credit cards, so far it's seems to be working. Sounds like the US huh? Beans from Wal Mart runs around 80 cents a kilo(2.2 lbs) but from the local farmer, around 1.50 lb. Let's put those farmers out of business, make them look for jobs up north, shall we. Grain cars role in here, every day from Kansas City to the "Inland ports" for Mexicans, but the US is short on grain, huh.
    "Imported" items from the US, think Costco, costs around 25-50% more than the US, but motorcycles cost double. Thanks NAFTA. Gasoline though is running around 2.80-2.90 a gallon. Marines are playing policeman in Irak, meanwhile the border is wide open. The Mexicans here don't have any more clue about how they are being manipulated any more than the Americans do. Just my 2 pesos.

  7. From Mex. Sorry, beans should read kilos, both cases.

  8. Hey Selo,

    First of all, I wanted you to recommend some good books to read. Im reading the Fareed Zakaria book right now after having read kunstlers "Long EMergency" a few times. The first time I read it was over a single 24 hr period so had to go back and read again. Seems liek Australia will have major problems but nothing like the the US.

    I think many countries in SE Asia wont have such a huge SHTF coz theyve been using CNG for years now from local sources.


  9. I have ceased to read for entertainment and now only read for knowledge.

    I would recommend books on:
    Raising small livestock,
    Raising vegetables,
    Seed saving,
    12 volt power systems,
    Raising fish,
    Raising earthworms,
    Steam power,
    Soil building and composting,
    Grey water systems and rainwater harvesting,
    Food preservation techniques,
    Carpentry and Masonry,
    Electrical wiring and plumbing,
    Early American Pioneer life.

    God knows there is a huge amout of knowledge out there, awaiting the explorer.

    Thank you to all that have contributed thus far to this post.