Friday, May 23, 2008

Personal SHTF

Gas hit $4.05 a gallon today.
I am not surprised, but deeply angered.
A hate is growing in me, for all things elitist.
I suspect it is growing in others too.
When this hate explodes, it's going to get real ugly.

As each of us earn differing amounts of wages, this raping at the pump affects each of us at different levels. For some it is a devastating experience each time they have to fill their tank. For others, it’s an outrage, it means they have to quit driving so much on the weekends. And for others still, it is ridiculous to have to pay so much, but they’ll keep on driving no matter what.

So far gas prices outrage me, but I can still put food on my table. So while not a SHTF for my family it is a very painful experience at the pumps. I don't drive any extra now so it is hard to cut back in this area. It cuts into my preps funding and accomplishes nothing new for me. Others may not be so lucky. They are even now having to cut back on the food budget to feed the fuel budget.

It appears to me that SHTF will be a series of small economic events that are experienced by people at different income levels over a course of time. This will create the perception of a slow slide, but at the family level, it is still a SHTF event.

Many people can’t be hurting too badly yet, as today the highway is full of cars, campers with boats, and travel trailers. I hope you are not one of them as these are the people who feed the beast. In reality, they are also your enemies. They continue to support higher priced fuel with their unbridled consumption. They are the ones helping to create pain at the pump. Their selfish driving habits contribute to the cost of feeding your family.

Remember them. They are everywhere. Even in your neighborhood. They live in the McMansions, with the big boat and motor home. They are off doing something every weekend.

When they knock on the door asking for food to help feed their families because they lost their job, look them in the eye and tell them they are the ones who helped create the mess.
Then tell them to go hell.
They will be there soon enough.
And if they give you any crap, well you know what to do.

At the rate gas has been rising, we may be at $5.00 a gallon before Christmas.
God help the poor retailers, I ain’t buying any of their shit! This Christmas is all about survival. In fact every payday from now until SHTF is about survival. I have officially stopped buying anything not related to prepping.

Food, Gear, Ammo, Shoes, Socks, Underwear and other rugged Clothing.
Not one frivolous consumer item.
Screw them.

In the future, any existing society that is beyond the dark ages will look back on the Bush economy much as we look back on the Weimar economy of pre WWII Germany. Bush will be known as the man who destroyed America. Allen Greenspan will be listed along with him as an architect of the destruction of America. They are accomplishing Osama Bin Laden’s goal of destroying "the Great Satan".

On a brighter side of the economic crash, it will give us the opportunity to purge ourselves of the worthless politicians who posture in D.C., acting like they are working for our benefit; all the while they are lining their pockets from the coffers of big business.

The next group needing to be purged is the traitorous bastards called the Media. They spout whatever crap handed to them by the government like it is gospel, and are largely responsible for the dumbing down of the sheeple. Ever watch Reality TV? Stupid!

It is said that paybacks are a bitch.
After the crash I see a large need for rope.

Now, back to loading magazines, for something wicked comes.


  1. Very true, class warfare and populism
    is already gaining some traction in the political realm again...and the sheep will get restless and maybe even angry at the their hopes and dreams of being part of the ownership class, or at least the comfortable consumer class goes out the window.

    SHTF happens all the time, its a personal experience, sometimes a family experience from health disasters to tornado's toasting your house, to loss of home/job etc.

    Most of the SHTF experiences aren't televised, actually quite the opposite almost all the tv glorifies is celebrity, wealth, "pimping" your house/car etc, but 4$ gas in the states will ripple effect into higher prices for everything else..and the working poor will get very, very angry and start to wish they were on welfare, where they can sit at home rather than drive to work.

  2. Interesting how the silence is with the media.....I agree they just want to change the subject. Hey I was a Medical Sgt in Afghanistan a couple of years ago.
    Very disappointing what is going on here in the U.S. Same thing,
    buying food, ammo, and all thing relevant to survival prep's. Right now I can sorta afford fuel
    but it is getting tougher. I will turn the Yuppie scum away, and remind them of how they screwed our nation and to keep moving on........ JSOC/Doc1

  3. We are seeing folks who have experienced their personal SHTF here more and more.

    I think it is being massaged and managed so that not too many people are hit hard at once that might scare the herd. Way too many sheep still think this is all temporary and Santa will ride along to their rescue soon.

    I have also stopped all spending that is not necessary and started to put more into preps. It is very precarious here in Michigan and I think we will see it worsen soon.

    As for the yuppies and the bangers coming to call, it would not be a good idea. We will take care of ours and those who help, the rest are just cannon fodder.

    You hit the nail on the head about the media. They sold out a long time ago. And their mission now is to keep the sheep calm.

    The real party will not be televised, and we will need some tar and feathers to go with that rope.

  4. A good post.

    I don't question that the fuse has been lit. I do question the length of the fuse.

    The vast majority of folks are not there yet, not by quite a piece. But the malaise is starting to take hold and folks are starting to get uncomfortable.

    Right now we are still in the denial stage. Folks are borrowing from the VISA cards, their home equity, their family, anything to keep the happyville illusion going.
    They will have their personal shtf when the lines of credit run out and they can't fuel the SUV anymore.

    People live by their illusions, they will let them go only when they are forced to.

    I personally will find the irony delicious when folks are sitting in their Martha Stewart kitchen with marble counter tops and their complete signature collection of Rachel Ray cookware and see that these illusions haven't put anything into the fridge to feed the kids.

    What we are looking at is a vast number of folks living beyond their means. The sad part is that now what started out as luxuries have come to be considered rights.

    I am not really frighted of them though. In the end, these are the sheep. They will not have the personal courage to do anything about the troubles coming, they will be the chaff that is burned after the harvest.

    But I will miss the meals, they cooked up a storm.

  5. Well I havent hit bottom yet but I have cut my going by a lot. I will cut it more when we let out of school. I dont see how anyone can continue going. I have garden for the first time in years because I cant afford fresh veggies anymore