Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Persistent Gloom

It is my turn now it seems to have the feeling of dread and gloom hanging over me.

My post today is but a sampling of what I feel, weighing me down.

A storm came through the other night and decimated my onions, radishes and greens. It flooded my trays and floated the little guys right out of the tray. I need to build a small greenhouse for growing the small stuff in.

The largest amount of my stimulus has gone into my gas tanks, and I hesitate to spend whats left.

Damn the greedy bastards.

May all their wealth be as dust in their mouth come the crash! Let not a crumb of bread be available to them. May they thirst and not a drop be found to drink!

That is my curse upon those who drive the prices up.


  1. My sentiments exactly. The sky grows darker a little each day. We all fall a little bit further behind each day (I got warned of gas price increase this afternoon, so I topped off). Damn I wish I had my "escape pod", I'd be loading it up right now so it would be ready to go at a moment's notice. That would do wonders for my peace of mind.

  2. My advice at this point would be for everyone to get four 5 gallon gas cans filled and treated with either sta-bil or Pri-G. Don't use it unless filling your tanks for bugging out.

    When the last minute comes, you don't want to be waiting in line to top off your tank at $15.00 per gallon. Never let your car get under half of a tank, if possible.

  3. We got ours today!

    But,..wife needs an eye thats history!

  4. Basically, you cannot rely upon anyone else to help you survive. But you are learning!

    So that storm was a good thing to occur. Imagine if it happened six months after SHTF and you were totally dependent upon the food these plants would produce?

    Now you know. There will be other hard-won lessons. Let us hope they occur while you are still in learning mode and not deep within the real thing.

    Now buck up and get back to work! There's a green house to be contstructed and greens to be planted!