Thursday, May 29, 2008

Raped At The Pump

Gas prices keep climbing even as oil prices drop
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Whoever is responsible for this travesty needs to be executed in a slow and torturous manner. I recommend bamboo slivers under the fingernails as well as waterboarding and electric shock. I might even go so far as to suggest dragging fingernails across a chalkboard!

This insane drive up in fuel prices seems to be contrived to push the economy into crisis. I see no other purpose for it as the dollar strengthens and oil prices fall off, as is demand for fuel.

The pain at the pump is having its effect on those whose budgets no longer allow any but planned trips for shopping and appointments. School budgets are getting creamed as fuel costs escalate beyond projections. So you can expect new levies to try to offset these overages. Our country has developed over time to be more spread out, mainly because of cheap fuel.

Sure, they are paying more in Europe and other countries, but most of them have alternate transportation systems that people use rather than drive. Also, most all European countries are much smaller than our largest states, thereby increasing population density in urban centers rather than the suburban and rural as it is in the US. They also are moving to use more diesel than gas (petrol).
On my way to work yesterday I saw regular unleaded for $4.19 per gallon.

If nothing changes we will have $5.00 a gallon much sooner than Christmas. Halloween maybe?


  1. I say inject 'em with sulfuric acid, but that's just me. I quit taking trips when gas was 2 bucks, so I'm really suckin' hind tit now. Thank God work is only 2 miles away. If the government bastards would quit restricting the crap out of the auto makers, we'd have some cool vehicles. Overseas you can get a Jeep sized Range Rover 4x4 with a 4 cylinder turbodiesel, manual tranny, straight axles, stripped interior, bare bones basic vehicle. It's light too, 'cuz it ain't got no "side impact beams" and all that other US mandated crap. Probably would cost half what a new Wrangler does, and is way more efficient and versatile.

  2. $5 a gallon by Labor Day is my thinking, unfortunately. I live way down South - hell, bicycling to work 7 miles one way is sure beginning to look like reality to me. It don't snow down here, but it gets fearsome hot.

  3. I don't think there is a single source for the price increase, rather that there is series of events that have culminated in a most painful consumer buttrape.

    1) the chinese are buying a lot more
    2) opec doesn't increase production
    3) the futures traders inflate the price some.
    4) weak dollar means higher prices on all imports
    5) weak dollar means people are investing in tangibles exp. oil which increases it further.

  4. Look for another major jump in prices just before the Fourth of July and again when we get close to Labor Day. I think I'm gonna put a locking gas cap back on my tank(used them during the "gas shortages" in the mid 1970's ). The same old excuse will be spouted to the masses. More demand from holiday travel & less supply.

  5. It is going to be a tough winter on the home heating fuel front too. Many people are going to suffer - some will even freeze to death. Grim.

  6. Oil is going to hit $200 a barrel, then opec is going to switch from the dollar to the euro for buying oil which will raise the price to $300 a barrel for us.Heating oil will be unafordable for most folks on a fixed income. "collaterable damage".