Monday, January 26, 2009

Comments on The Cache

I received the following tips from a reader who evidently wished to remain anonymous as he emailed me this.

Thank you for sharing!

When I was an infantry soldier I learned to be almost comfortable, sometimes, living in the field.

If I were on this E&E with Henry I would suggest to him:

1. that he fold the mylar space blanket which allegedlyreflects 80% heat, cut a neckhole (reinforced with duct tape), and wear it as a liner under the hooded poncho; and

2. that the candle in a small hole would allow heat to rise inside his poncho. (or a candle lantern hanging on a stick across the hole or a small fire if wood is dry enough to not give off smoke); and

3. that we catch fish with the six fishhooks and braided 50 lb test Spiderwire that I always carry in my wallet .

The teacandle heats the aluminum body of the lantern which radiates much heat. I keep a candle lantern, with extra teacandles stored inside, in each vehicle and in my bicycle GHB .

Thanks once again! These are tips that we all can use!


  1. Wednesday, March 16, 2011Updates & Weapons Of Procyon
    " Hey Folks,

    I haven't posted in awhile. At the moment, I'm pretty occupied with other things going on in my life. Worse, it seems that when I do have free time to kill I either lack the inspiration to write or I am suffering from writer's block. Sometimes, when I do manage to get something typed up it lasts up until I get tired and then I pretty much collapse in to bed and loose my train of thought. As of late, I have been having sleeping issues. At this point, I think as far as "Tales Of Theanor" goes I'm going to leave you all hanging at "The Crossing". As much as I really hate to do that I don't seem to be having much luck with the story. I think that a healthy rewrite and a lot outlining is in order. That should help me conquer writer's block. If anybody out there has any suggestions on fighting writer's block or recharging creative energy, I'm all ears. [Literally, I'm made of ears! I think I may want to get that checked out at some point...] "

    Loved the cache, seems like you had more passion for it, maybe a revisit/follow on might unblock you and recharge that creative energy.

  2. A gorge fish hook can be made of wood or bone, it would made a nice fish fry for Henry.