Wednesday, January 28, 2009

France Seethes while US Cowers

France braces for mass walk-out
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Ok, we have seen the government of Iceland fall, now we are seeing the citizens of France rise up in protest of their governments ineptitude.

Why do Americans languish upon their butt's while the worst crap to come down the pike is rammed up their ass without a whimper? Has this truly become the land of the Sheeple?

Has the hope for "Change" blinded so many eyes that they have no clue as to the shenanighans being pulled to give those responsible for the financial problems even more wealth at our expense?

Have Americans lost their balls? Has too much sports and MTV changed our population into a huge flock of bleating sheep? Or is it cowering in fear of our out of control government?

What will it take to wake this slumbering bunch of sissy's into real men (and women)?

I don't know if I want to be around for the answer, for the pandemonium that will insue will be everything we have prepared against. It will surely test our mettle.

For now though, I feel safe knowing the sheeple cower in their homes, keeping Martial Law at bay (not Marshall Law).


  1. Most sheeple's balls are in their wife's purse, thanks to the media driven feminization of America. Look where THAT got us...... The rest are queer, "metrosexual", limp wristed, pantywaist soft boys who are too afraid to chip a manicured nail to stand up and do ANYTHING.....

    Errrrrr, Mayberry go drag knuckles back to cave now.......

  2. Give it time. It's coming. No stopping it. The problem is that when the dam finally breaks here the flood waters will be much worse and much more violent.

  3. I don't know if you saw what happened in Oakland, Ca. today. It was a result of the Bart Cop who shot that kid in the back just being offered the opportunity to make bail.

    The crowds didn't rampage mindlessly through the downtown like they had previously.

    They surrounded the police station and had to be run off with flash bang grenades.

    I agree with Abraham. It is coming. You know the truth about we Americans. Slow to anger, but once we're there, the Undertaker has more business than he can handle.

    Next time, I'm almost willing to wager that some in the crowd will have molatov cocktails for the buildings, and garden sprayers and super soakers filled with gasoline to handle the riot police.

  4. Most Americans haven't really been affected yet. It's gonna take a lot more hurt to get people engaged. Cancel American Idol or Dancing with the stars and you'll see some indignation start.
    Food supplies, gasoline and electrical power. If basics like this fail, then you'll see things start moving. If California's IOU's for food stamps and welfare start bouncing anything could happen.

    I just hope it all doesn't come unglued.

  5. It hasn't come unglued yet, but it is certainly fraying at the edges.