Sunday, January 4, 2009

The End Of Silence

I have watched over the last few months, how close to the brink civilization has staggered. Wars, and rumors of wars. Man’s greed becoming as dust in his mouth, his wealth evaporating before his eyes, and still the fool’s dance on.

Wake up sheeple, disaster is upon you even as you flip thru 200 channels of mind numbing drivel. The media has done its job well; dumbing down the masses to follow every edict of the powers that be.

The time to prepare is all but gone; the value of your currency all but transformed into smoke as the economy melts down, taking the American Dream for its last joy ride in Detroit’s folly.

If you cannot see the looming disaster, you will be sucked into the horror that will ensue, when you no longer can feed your family with the sweat of your brow, as you slave for the beast that consumes you.

The day of the sheeple is nearing its end. Burying your head in the sand like an ostrich will not make the boogieman go away; you have created him with your indifference, nurtured him with your silence, and elected him with your inaction.

I have watched with approval, the growing voices in the form of blogs, of those who recognize the peril we face. It is no longer a fringe element that voices their concern with our path. It is mainstream, for every voice that is raised in alarm, ten’s, and maybe hundred’s or thousands seek out the knowledge and encouragement written by the few who dare voice their concern online.

I salute all you who have taken up the task of preparing for the inevitable collapse. You will be those who’s spark will relight the next great nation, built upon the foundation of the old, as our pioneer forefathers built that which has been usurped by those bent upon it’s destruction.

God Bless You All


  1. Good Morning Selous Scout, You have been missed in your abscence my fried your word are wise and ring so true! God Bless You As well......

    May your blades stay sharp, your guns shoot straight,your fires burn warm, and your wits stay about you......

    Scout Out!

  2. Welcome back. You have been missed.

    Glad the Great Creator has blessed you.

    Keep your powder dry. Your stores full. And your heart pure.

    God bless us all.


  3. Thanks Guys. Anyone who has ever blogged knows that is nice to have some time to clear your mind and ponder new topics, without the self imposed pressure to post frequently.

  4. Heya Scout! Good to hear from ya again. You comin' back, or just checkin' in?

  5. Hey Mayberry, I'm back in a limited way, maybe. I guess it depends on how much content I can generate.

  6. Good to see you posting again Selous! May God Bless you too.

  7. Welcome back, We were about to send a search party. Dragon

  8. Welcome back, Scout. Wonderful to read your honest prose again. God bless your future, smile upon you in all ways and direct your path and work of your hands.

  9. Thanks everybody! I am glad to be back. I hope to have some good posts about some of my personal experiences over the last few months.

  10. And the chorus of voices swells to new highs. The word goes out across the land. Another strong mind takes a position on the firing line. The enemy will regret the day they started this.


  11. Welcome back! Hope things are going well for you and yours!

  12. Thanks, Michael, Natog!

    Things are going as well as they can be under the circumstances.

    Still waitng for the rain to melt off all of this Global Warming.

  13. I'll add my welcome, SS. Glad you're back and writing again. This was a good interesting blog, maybe it will continue?

  14. Thanks Patricia! I am mentally refreshed after my break and have some experiences and thoughts to share as future posts.