Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Obama takes a Crap!
It is reported that the president elect grunted and farted while committing his 1st serious action as president. It was widely reported to have no smell, or perhaps a touch of roses, leading to the wide spread speculation that his crap doesn't stink!
Environmental groups everywhere claim it will restore the environment!
Diane Fienstein, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton swear it is good for a facial, removing wrinkles!
Government Scientists claim it will solve Global Warming! (Climate Change)
Bill Clinton claims he smoked it, but he didn't inhale!
Rolled in by dogs everywhere!
Hamas claims it is really their crap, stolen by Obama and the Israelis, a Zionist plot!
Hezbollah fires a crap load of rockets into Israel from Lebanon.
Putin ponders his own crap: how to peddle it to crap strapped Europe!

Stay tuned for more crap reports from the networks you can depend on to provide it!

Really, I swear, the media is all but worshiping the ground he walks on. Let's see how much they like him 12 months from now!

Here is a you tube video that sums up the liberal media's reaction to Obama's every move:

If some of you find this offensive, don't watch it!
For the rest of you non P.C. blogophiles, I hope you found it as humorous as I.


  1. I hear that - the Obasms down here are just as real as well. "He's going to end the war - He's going to get the economy going . . ." yada yada yada.

    Its all good - Dems are happy to get their guy in W.H. - no surprise there. Just give him a couple weeks in office, when the honeymoon is over. What I'm waiting for is for Hillary and Bill to begin to horn in - I'd bet a shiny nickel they're just itching to take some credit.

    Was it just me, or did anyone else wonder if Ted Kennedy collapse just coincidental. A whole buncha people passed away in the Clinton administration under strange circumstances - wondering if same will happen in BHO administration as well.

  2. I forgot to mention - did those comments about minority being held back 'by the White Man' get you p.o.'d? Man, its like the ENTIRE White Race was being blamed for the actions done . . . sheesh, lets get over this stuff and do something constructive for a change.

  3. I didn't watch the speach. I had no interest anything he has to say. It will be a pack of lies, just like all the other politicians before him.

    I have never held anyone back from being successful. It is time to quit blaming everyone else and take responsibility for their own actions.

    I don't care what race you are, if you want a handout from me without earning it, you can kiss my ass!

  4. hahahah... that vid is awesome. i re-watched it five times... good laugh!