Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Cache - Whats Your Favorite Part?

What' s your favorite part of The Cache so far?

I am going to devote time the rest of this week to give you chapter seven, but my brain has gone into overload with all the "Stimulus" being sent my way (all $13 dollars worth!!!).

So I am open to what part of the story you would like me to concentrate on 1st.

No matter what you suggest though, you know I will slip in a surprise!


  1. Hey, my man...ANY part will do! I am so ready for that story to continue, I feel like a kid from olden times having to wait until next Saturday to find out what the hero will do in the next chapter of the matinee!

    Give us brother! We need it!

  2. I have been loving it all, but was a little confused at the transition from where at the end of one posting he was found, then at the start of the next posting, he continued on with little mention of his escape. More on how he eluded the Halt challenge would make the transition smoother.
    The old Ranger is a good character, and I am hoping they meet again so he can pass on more of his know-how. Excellent story line. Keep up the good work.

  3. That part of the story will be told in the next chapter. I wanted to give a little longer chapter on current situations rather than jumping back and forth so much in the story.

    If I had used my previous method, it would probably be 2 more posts before you found that the cougar was stalking him.

    The 2 story lines will merge soon and then there will be a few more characters introduced.

    I'm glad you guys like it so far!

  4. Yes, the jumping back and forth has me a little confused but the story is great. Chapter 7? Guess I better go back and read the other three or four. :-)

  5. For me, the most sobering was how Henry found himself in such a predicament when LEOs were approaching him at work like that. Really got me to thinking about what I would do if in same predicament - I'm in middle of city, no cover around here to run and hide out in.

    My favorite part I guess is thoughts on how he makes does with what he has. The inadequete clothing, very little food - that stuff.

    I can't wait to find out what his crime' was.

  6. I'm also interested to find out what crime he's accused of. Also, I'm looking forward to him reaching the first cache and being re-equipped for the challenges ahead. I really like the story and check the blog daily looking for a new chapter. Keep up the good work!

  7. I'm looking forward to more background info regarding the current crisis, more info on what happens with the sniper and the grieving vet, and I'd love to see him get resupplied and continue on.

  8. I love the whole thing, but ditto on what happened when he was discovered!

  9. Love the story, I check back each day to see if you've got more for us. keep up the great story.

  10. Hellooooo...what does it matter which part we like best? WRITE, MAN, WRITE, DAMMIT! You've got me all wound up in the action and now I gotta decide what part I like best? EGADS! I think I'm gonna hemmhorage! QUICK- GIMME A TOURNIQUET!
    Oh, hell, make it a poodle- I'm hungry!