Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heirloom Seed Sources for Survival Gardening

Riverwalker has a great post today on Sources for Survival Seeds.

He gives us several links to some heirloom seed suppliers.

I suspect he is feeling the urge to dig in the dirt and start his own garden the same as I am. So I must say thanks to Riverwalker for inspiring this post and reminding me that spring is just around the corner!

If you feel you don't have enough land to grow much food, just look at what these people have done on their little patch of earth in the city.

Their old site:

A great site with a lot of info valuable to the prepper.

Riverwalker gave us a few links to some company's that will provide heirloom seeds, but in case you want more, here is my current list:

Non-hybrid seed sources:


This list is by all means not complete. if you have a source that you do not see here, post it in the comments section. I did not list the links that Riverwaker listed. Go read his post and thank him for his efforts.

Now for you that have to contend with the deer getting into your gardens, I found this info:

Deer-resistant & repelling Plants

This company probably has seeds for the plants that they mentioned, I didn't check.

Now get out there and start digging!


  1. excellent source

    as well as online gardening guide

  2. Hi I just received the seeds I bought from: They were only $44.99 with free shipping. It has 27 varieties of NON hybrid seeds and it is sealed in a Mylar Bag. It was the best deal I found on the Internet and the variety is great.

  3. I just received my survival seeds from They have 16 varieties but it contains enough seeds to plant 3/4 of an acre. I bought two for $34.99 each. Mine was similar as previous post, it was sealed in a mylar bag. I am going to plant one and try harvesting my own non-hybrid seeds. I will let you know how it goes this spring.

  4. That's an extensive list of Non-hybrid seed sources! Thank you!

  5. I agree, excellent Heirloom Seed Sources for Survival Gardening!I'll check out some of them.