Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SHTF in Texas?

Texas National Guard On High Alert

Evidently this occured on the 19th of Feb., but it is not getting any media coverage after the initial airing on Fox News.

I tried to find any mention of it last night on the national news, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News but nothing was reported, that I could see on broadcast. I didn't search the net. It sure got buried fast.

It just goes to show that the News Media is in bed with .Gov every step of the way and is not to be trusted for any relevant news.


  1. It's also possible this story was made up. I don't trust Fox News (or Drudge) for a second and wouldn't doubt that they make up stories. The videos seemed pretty inconsistent with one showing a peaceful march in some city, another showing a clash with cops, and a third showing a protest at the actual border.

    I found the use of that screen pretty annoying. Watching him drag and stretch videos adds nothing to the story.

  2. I seen that vid the other day too. Crazy times. I also post it on American Preppers Network for all to see. Way to spread the word about things the media likes to let go un noticed.

  3. ...its gettin' closer brother...imagine if we didn't have the 'net'...so much shit gets buried by the MSM/dotgovs...

    ...worry when the web is gone...

  4. Well, from a Texan here, I can tell you that things are getting pretty bad across the border. I know folks here with kin in Mexico, and they say KEEP OUT!! A Mexican police chief's head was delivered to the station in a cooler recently. Americans are being kidnapped and held for ransom pretty regularly. And yes, the guy with the videos was annoying.....

  5. Trying to impress us with their technology. I think he was rude in cutting off the congressman and not letting him finish what he was saying.

  6. No, its true Mockum. I'm typing this from McAllen, that city across the border from Reynosa. I cross the border for purchasing cheaper meds, and can give 1st hand accounts of military presence in city. Humvees with grenade launchers, troops with full auto HK G3 rifles in battle dress - yep, its real. Drug dealers from across the river shooting at LEOs during drug busts on our side - yep, happens.

    Stories like this are getting newsplay here. Local news stations here (KRGV Weslaco, KGBT Harlingen) and McAllen newspaper (Monitor) - google them and read the recent articles, its all there.

    Do agree that dragging those screens across was a bit weird.